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Jay Kamminga Assen, Netherlands

KDE 3.5 Themes by p3001ee 58 comments

Once I gave Xfce and Gnome a try I fell in love their Clearlook. Since this one comes pretty close to it;

I really like this art!! - Jan 13 2006
TwoSouls Emoticons

Emoticons by TwoSouls 5 comments

I don't know about any rights, I just copied a theme from this site and edited it.

If M$ doesn't like it, she can add a comment here to :P - Jan 13 2006

Kopete Styles by neptune3k 49 comments

Unfortunately I encountered the same problem. I am unable to install the theme to use it with Kopete 0.11.

Greetings, TwoSouls - Jan 11 2006

Dolphin Service Menus by prjanique 305 comments

Hi there,

Nifty little service menu this is. Shall I translate it into Dutch? If so, please let me know I should, how to contact you and I'll do so. - Nov 16 2005