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Network by yodor 109 comments

I've added 0.67.3 to Gentoos portage tree :) - Dec 22 2005

Network by yodor 109 comments


Some thoughts - there is no ability to close down a specific instance. fex, monitor wlan and lan and there is no way just to stop monitoring wlan or lan as you have to quit both. Editing the rc file isn't really an option ;)

The tooltip looks much better now :)

When the configuration screen is launched you should re-query available interfaces as my pcmcia card was not added to the list even though it was active. - Dec 21 2005

Network by yodor 109 comments

Features I'd like to see :)

1) Wireless signal strength next to lights on panel - kinda like a rising bar like mobile phone signal strength.

2) ESSID name connected to on tooltip

3) When not connected to an Access Point in managed mode, indicate that it's not connected (ie not plugged in) on the panel.

4) Re-arrange the in/out icons so they overlap and in is in the foreground. This shows which is in/out easier in my eyes.

5) Make tooltip a bit more bling, like the panel icon tool tips in KDE 3.5 (raised text, fade in, etc)

6) Allow more than once instance of the app to run - I happen to have a few interfaces on my machines ...

Great package, hopefully appearing in Gentoo portage soon :) - Dec 16 2005