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Unai G
XdTV ( xawdecode )

Video Apps 4 comments

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May 21 2005
So when are you guys rewritting this piece of nice backend-jewel in some other not-so crappy toolkit? sorry, but KDE can't make that bad guis even if you try hard ;)) - May 21 2005

Developers Apps 16 comments

by zenum
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May 17 2005
Hello! We want the source pack too =) Else I'll have to e-mail saying yours isn't an opensource project? ;P Now serious, please release some tarball for testing. Not everyone uses debian kde packs - Apr 25 2005
KDE-lOOK Tshirt - eye in gear

Various Artwork 4 comments

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Feb 06 2005
I'd say that's intentional. it makes it look inclined as all other elements in the pic. Looks so good to me - Feb 26 2005

Graphic Apps 24 comments

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Jan 24 2005
. - Jan 24 2005
ignore this bugreport. It refers to LSongs ;) - Jan 24 2005
it built just fine with the latest pyQt bindings, but it crashes on me when trying to use the xine arts output plugin. Shame, I liked the app! - Jan 24 2005

Audio Apps 15 comments

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Jan 24 2005
just to avoid confusions... I think this is actually a problem with my xine setup rather than this app's, since I've got trouble while loading arts with xine itself. It would be interesting if it allowed using the default xine audio output somehow. - Jan 24 2005
I think those "app foo is better than blah" are quite off-topic here. Why not just say why it's worse or why it's better or even better... how to improve it?

No app is perfect, neither amaroK nor juK, and neither this one of course. Imho this one is right in between both. More simplistic than amaroK (for those that find it too complex or bloated), but more feature-complete than juK. - Jan 24 2005
it built just fine with the latest pyQt bindings, but it crashes on me when trying to use the xine arts output plugin. Shame, I liked the app design! - Jan 24 2005
Yes, indeed. your comment is really crap.

Amarok got 2000 features, yes, but sometimes working and well designed features pay more than too many half-working and messed up ones.

What I really like from this app is that it's got just the features anyone would want in. No more, no less, and it actually knows dividing radio stations from your playlist clearly, instead of messing up my file list, as some other [snip] app does. - Jan 24 2005
KDE-Look t-shirt - K TuX

Various Artwork 5 comments

by croky
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Jan 21 2005
>is there a reason why the "KDE-L" are >upper case and the "" lower case?

This caught my eye too. If you look at the title of your konqui browser, you'll see: "" Thus L capital k lowercase. - Jan 23 2005

Audio Apps 6 comments

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Jan 16 2005
uhmmm... you were quicker with the first post =) - Jan 16 2005
Unless I missed something... this is a wxWidgets app, not a kde app - Jan 16 2005

Cursors 9 comments

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Jan 09 2005
it would be nice if you provided the pack so that it can be installed in kde automatically. Also,... XP cursors? lol ;) - Jan 09 2005

Various Games 4 comments

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Nov 27 2004
Man, there're no naming conventions in KDE . You want a k in, you have a k in. You don't want it, perfect, so you don't. You name it as you please, and you take the risk for users to like it or not. Plain simple isn't it? - Nov 28 2004

Security 150 comments

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Feb 17 2009
I had warn enabled, not sure about quarantine. I could try again, but I'll have to wait until I get the next virus e-mail (hopefully a long time later ;) - Nov 14 2004
Maybe I didn't understand correctly how this autoscanning works, but shouldn't it warn about viruses in files I just copied into my home dir?

I set it to scan my home dir, I copied 2 or 3 times the file I received by e-mail in there,with different names, but klamav keeps silent.

Autoscanning is enabled, and dazuko module properly loaded, but I don't think klamav is using it. lsmod shows the module is not being used by any process. - Nov 01 2004
I got a problem with 0.6. It tries to load the dazuko module from /opt/kde instead of the kernel module dirs.

My kde isn't installed under /opt/kde btw, so that path seems to be hardcoded. All my envvars are pointing right to /usr/local/kde, so that shouldn't be the problem either.

Why not just run modprobe dazuko without a path? I think it's a good idea if the module is correctly installed in the kernel path, and not under some hardcoded path - Nov 01 2004
Forget it, I just noticed it didn't build clamav when I built the frontend.

Nice proggie! again :) - Oct 14 2004
I already got clamav 0.80rc installed, when you use 0.75 embedded in your source. Wouldn't it be nice that it used the one already installed in the system? after all nobody wants two versions of the same antivirus installed at the same time, and thus we don't have to wait for a new frontend upgrade to use newer clamav releases.

Otherwise, just thumbs up. Very nice! - Oct 14 2004

Network 11 comments

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Oct 25 2004
Let me guess... your IP address is ;)

Your method works only if your address isn't sitting behind a router that is shared by many connections - Oct 26 2004

System Software 120 comments

by karye
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Sep 06 2007
Ok, that will make me happy enough next time I upgrade. Thanks a lot to you =) - Oct 14 2004
>The Gentoo docs recommed you to do an >"emerge -pretend" before,

sure I do, but that doesn't mean it has to be done in 3 separate lists and checking 40-50 packs 3 times. That doesn't make sense in a gui.

It all can be done just by showing a dialog saying "this will be installed, do you agree? Else change the checkboxes and try again"

>The purpose of the "emerge queue" is >to collect all packages before >launching any lengthy emerge process.

Collect what??? They are already collected in a QListView. More than fine. Please let me explain how the process works right now and how it could better work:

1) I want to upgrade my system, so I go to upgradable packages tab, and press refresh list. So far you got an A
2) I choose 50 packs that I'm interested in. I add them to the package queue.... and damn! I wanted to install them, why aren't the boxes checked? Why do I need to check 50 boxes? Why not uncheck what I don't want? Or have a "select all" button? It'd take ages to upgrade the whole system.
3)Now that I agree to install those or some of those... I check the 50 packs again.. and oh! they turn up again in the right listview... guess what... unchecked!!!! why would I need that??? I need to check the 50 packages yet again? To check again what I already checked and verified??? I need to agree 4 times that I want to install the packages???
4) So I agree to do that.. desperated... and check 50 boxes yet again (and this is the 3rd time I choose the packages!)
5)Now I press emerge.. and funny... it dares to asks me again!.. you want to emerge them???

The way I would code all this would be:

1) choose your packs under upgrade
2) a single button is shown with emerge pretend action and shows a dialog "hey! I'm going to install all this stuff", you want it?
3) I happily press yes, and begins installing

note... this dialog works with 1 single tab. I only chose packs one time. I checked properly the pretend step. And no nonsense queueing is needed. - Oct 11 2004
Yeap, I install apps by hand ten (10) times faster than using this app.

Man, yes, the idea is good, but the steps usually are 1) Think 2) Design 3) Code

You seem to have instead 1) Code 2)Design 3)Release in your schedule

Sorry for being so harsh, but I don't think the need for selecting the packages I want ot install 3 times (yes 3!) before pressing the damn button to install them is reasonable.

Yes, the app works, but needs badly a redesign from scratch - Oct 05 2004
File Activity Viewer

System Software 5 comments

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Jun 26 2004
Any chance of making an applet version? It'd be nicer not to need to have a window continuously open, and 2-3 lines can easily fit into kicker - Jun 27 2004
You rule man! At last. I've been awaiting something like this for long.
Thanks! - Jun 27 2004

Text Editors 12 comments

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Feb 16 2005
I missed something like this. Good work! - Apr 20 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 17 comments

by radiz
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Apr 15 2004
masho... :) desde cuándo suena igual que "saw" (/'so/) en inglés? Esque lo pronuncias "cogo"? ;) Así aprenden de mal nuestro idioma los ingleses después. - Apr 17 2004
My Login Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 123 comments

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Mar 24 2004
Hehehe. Yes, that's the challenge, but nothing impossible. We use virtual widgets offscreen, and new QWidget elements drawing on screen, so kdm doesn't really notice the effect

Then we make it gdm compatible, so it's totally themeable... just read the code and judge yourself ;) - Mar 25 2004

Hi "braindead", sorry, but you chose the nick :)

No matter how much you may hate KDM for the looks, the technology on the back is far from bad, and it's actually rather flexible.

Did you notice /kdenonbeta/kdmthemes? The effort goes as far as making it gdm compatible, but due to lack of time it's not progressing as fast as it should.

Any help is welcome. What's needed: just a little bit of knowledge of how custom widgets are created/drawn, xml, and _layouting_.


uga - Mar 23 2004

Database 163 comments

by robby
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Jan 29 2019
Hey, thanks again! It's a very good tool. I just finished my paper database. Couldn't be any more useful. - Feb 05 2004
Ah thanks, I had worked around it temporarilly by replacing the http:// addresss for my /usr/local absolute path.

I'll check that too. Thanks again - Feb 04 2004
I was astonished by the program and using it for a DB of my articles, when I found something really funny. The program worked much faster when I was online, and it was too sluggish while offline.

Want to know the reason? Hehe ;) It seems the program loads the DTD from the internet everytime you click on an element, and takes around 20-30 seconds to timeout:

error : Resource temporarily unavailable
I/O warning : failed to load external entity ""
enson/DTD Bookcase V5.0//EN" "

I'm not quite sure if this could be related to the use of KDE from HEAD.

In case you want more info on this I'll be happy to help at #kde-devel on IRC. - Feb 04 2004

Utilities 81 comments

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Dec 29 2005
Doing a bit of gg research and ignoring all the "it's impossible" comments on several maillists, I found out that one can use -l -R to create RockRidge extended isos, and those can be modified. I guess that's what the program does. Anyway, I'll have to check the code... ;) - Jan 19 2004
Very nice idea!

I'm curious to know how the program adds files to an iso image. I've tried already mounting an iso image as rw (mount -o loop...) , but never managed. Maybe I'm just missing an option.

Does it extract and recreate the whole image? (it needs quite a bit of space) - Jan 17 2004
by uga
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Oct 14 2003
Mmmm... not sure, I know what you mean... but some people seem to like it.

Why don't you remove the dot? Just open the svg icon, open in sodipodi, click on the dot, and remove it,... it's very easy to change the icons. - Oct 14 2003

KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

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Aug 19 2003
Hi man, enable Antialiasing, and you'll see The real "diff"! Those icons don't look right, rather pixelized. - Aug 19 2003
Porting Skins Tutorial

Various Stuff 2 comments

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Aug 08 2003
Well, I don't think one could understand windecos for skins, but rather styles (which is not either). Anyway, you're right. The title is a bit misleading. - Aug 08 2003

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 138 comments

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Jul 30 2003
That was the key that made me change. Keramik's one is horrible. - Jul 01 2003
5 years ago I switched over to Linux, and I haven't changed my mind since then, until.... 8 hours ago I switched over to Alloy ;-) - Jul 01 2003

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Jun 25 2003
Blender work? - Jun 25 2003
Kicker Pager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 103 comments

by epoch
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Apr 08 2004
Thanks very much! You're so quick!
I just tested it in my newly updated kde from cvs... and it just works. - Jun 20 2003
While uninstalling it I discovered that it removes "" also... well, I think that was already installed in my system by kpager, wasn't it?

I think I'll have a look at the code, and try to make a version for CVS so it reuses kpager's library - Jun 19 2003
It doesn't seem to work here. The windows are always shown as if they were on the top-left part, and I cannot drag them at all.

Well, I'm testing this on CVS head, so that might be the problem, but it compiled without problems. Have you tested it with cvs version at all? - Jun 19 2003
TNT(TNT's Not Threedee) Bar

Karamba & Superkaramba 7 comments

by vik
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Jun 13 2003
That reminds me of something... let me think... Lindows 98 ? ;-) - Jun 13 2003
Korganizer impovement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

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May 31 2003
Uhmmm... it looks a bit tricky to implement that. I see two options:

1)Your design looks more like website. Actually it would be quite easy to implement it using KHTML, but that would require changing good part of the GUI, and I don't think that would be the best solution.

2) The other solution would be to change the widget that is shown for every appointment. I cannot recognise the widget that they use currently, so it's probably home-made, and therefore could be easy to change. If they had used buttons for example, the shape would be subject to the style, but it's not. - May 30 2003
Bean Cursor Thema

Cursors 1 comment

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Mar 08 2006
nice :) - May 25 2003
XaraK - Sneak Preview

Icon Sub-Sets 28 comments

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May 19 2003
If you have a look at complete icon sets, you'll see that they contain around 600+ icons per size (3600+ icons in total)

That's not a single person's task. That's more a group task I would say. Unless there's a joint effort to finish a single one, very few will manage to complete. - May 19 2003
SuperKaramba and Noia Warm icons

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

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Apr 25 2003
.... isn't font antialiasing working for you? Those fonts hurt! - Apr 25 2003

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

by Cappy
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Apr 21 2003
It's a shame that I don't use Gentoo in this machine right now :.-( - Apr 21 2003