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Unai G
by uga
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Oct 14 2003
If all the cursors of w$ use standard names for equivalent cursors, then it's probably easy to do a script to do so, and not to say, a gui for it later on. - Jan 30 2003
Now, Just type "make install_old" and you'll get the old cursors version (plus the new ones that didn't exist before) - Jan 29 2003
Ok, thanks, I got them. I'll try to pack the two sets in one so that one can choose which to install: "make install" or "make install_old" or similar.... I don't know if I'll manage to do it properly, but I will try. - Jan 29 2003
I'm afraid that I don't have the previous icon sources. I don't keep backups of older versions. I found that with some backgrounds the left_ptr icon wasn't easy to be seen and was abit blurry, so I thought I should change it.

Do you have the sources of the previous set? It's easy to regenerate the cursors

Anyway, now the whole set is more uniform. - Jan 29 2003
The pdf (Acrobat) file is already in the tar.gz. It explains how to install the cursors and how to make your own.

regards - Jan 29 2003
You can set whatever size/theme you want, doing something like this just before running X:

export XCURSOR_THEME="whiteglass"
export XCURSOR_SIZE=16

In order to create themes... you'll have to "man xcursorgen" for the moment, but I'm considering to add a pdf file with instructions soon.
- Jan 29 2003
That patch may work, but according to this bug report (and comment by kulow)

Some symlinks are necessary so that XFree finds QT's icons. - Jan 28 2003
It seems that one needs to patch qt-copy in order to get the correct xcursors. I don't think this patch was committed in cvs HEAD though... See:

I'll try to have a look at it tomorrow. - Jan 28 2003
I'll give it a try, and I'll post the results here as soon as I finish recompiling... - Jan 28 2003
... waiting for him as well ;-) - Jan 28 2003
... some comments in the description that could help you - Jan 28 2003
You need to use one of the release candidates for XFree 4.3.

You can either compile it (looooong), or install unstable packages (for example from Mandrake Cooker). They are tagged as 4.2.99 rc5 for the moment, but the stable will be out soon - Jan 28 2003
Kde like Os X

KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

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Jan 25 2003
Oso ondo gelditu zaik :-) - Jan 27 2003

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jan 27 2003
:)) - Jan 27 2003

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Jan 24 2003
It would be just perfect without the blue line/bar on the bottom side. I don't like too many 3d "widgets" on my desktop background.

Anyway, overall.... really good! - Jan 24 2003

People 34 comments

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Dec 13 2002
And sorry. It seems I made a mistake. (thumbs up) - Dec 13 2002
I hope not. I said that I have no problems with the posting of this guy, except he keeps "updating" without changing anything, just to keep it up on the list.

I have as well to say that I voted "bad". Which I find reasonable for postings of people that have done nothing but copy+paste.

I know otherwise it could be good as wallpaper (I wouldn't use it at work though), but come on, you can find better ones just doing a search in google.

My "100% good" score would be for the one that is able to draw this same thing with tuxie (f. tux) replacing Laetitia ;-) - Dec 13 2002
One thing is uploading something that you haven't touched, modified.... I mean someone else's work (a photo in this case). I can accept that, since most of guys here seem so desperate for this kind of photos.

Another thing is saying you have updated it! Please, tell me what you updated. Did you update your mind? Or what? I don't see any changes, and she hasn't moved at all! - Dec 13 2002

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Dec 13 2002
This worked for me:

Open file with gimp, open menu (right click)->Filters->Enhance->Sharpen

You can use a value from 50 to around 70%. Over that the image starts getting pixelised. - Dec 13 2002
Have a look at edges where there's no snow. They have been deliberately smoothed (blurred). And actually it's a bit annoying. I cannot stare at it for more than 1 min on my desktop. - Dec 13 2002
Noia for KDE 1.00

Icon Sub-Sets 258 comments

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Sep 18 2003
You can try this to convert all your 64x64 icons into 48x48 :-)

find -name '*.png' -exec convert -resize 48x48 {} {} \;

You need to have ImageMagick installed, which I believe you probably have. - Nov 11 2002
:-) - Nov 11 2002
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes 385 comments

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Jun 15 2007
No, I think he refers to the icon that is a "white question mark inside a red circle".

It turns up for example, when you right-click on an applet handle->Panel Menu-> Help

The icon is

I really don't care of the color... but If I had to choose one I would choose blue.

Red calls usually a lot the attention (too much in this menu). Anyway, it makes it easy to find

Green: definetely not, I don't like it.

Blue: I choose it, since at least here in Europe it's quite usual to have a blue "i" to look for information centers, or generic information places. Just my humble opinion, though.

- Nov 04 2002
And sorry for the mistake :) - Oct 28 2002
It maybe actually gimp-made... (fake) ;-) - Oct 28 2002
... the trail thing is a bug? It might be that that's the way they designed the animation. I'm currently using the cvs version of kde (3.0.7), with qt 3.1b, and I have the same behaviour. - Sep 17 2002

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jun 25 2003
I prefer the original version, without the "KDE" letters. I've seen too much of those letters in wallpapers.

Honestly... does anyone use wallpapers that have a huge "KDE" on them? I prefer those which are clean neat, and nothing written on them.
- Nov 02 2002
Themeable panel

Various Stuff 39 comments

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Nov 12 2002
I'm really impressed: great work, and good idea!

I cannot understand what the left green buttons are for though If you haven't done so yet,...could you please e-mail about this post to:

I think they might be interested, or they even might have discussed this before as usability....

- Nov 02 2002

Wallpaper Other 17 comments

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Nov 02 2002
Why so bad score? It's really nice!
Good work! - Nov 01 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff 86 comments

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Oct 27 2002
Mine was meant an answer to "parena" that didn't seem to like the plugin stuff.

Sure, they should be optional. But IMHO, not only that. The same way as you drag the applets in kicker, you should be able to drag them to the menu, so it's easier to decide where each applet should go (the menu, or kicker)

I like your design, and it's got much less issues than mine had.

Just while I'm writing I'm trying to fix some issues that mine had. It's not easy though. People doesn't like much fat menus, and therefore doesn't let me much space for the applets/plugins,...

I think I'll post something soon, though with a few issues not fixed yet. - Oct 22 2002
Given the idea was mine, I think the explanation is easy:

Nobody likes a HUGE kicker, and kicker cannot display a few things for lack of space: say for example appointments, weather forecast (the KWeather forecast has not space enough there!)

Ok. So the idea is NOT that everything should be there.

I think both damiancito and I share the idea that it should be possible to move the applets there. Just have the option to do so!

You don't like it? Leave the applet in kicker. But I think it's better to use the same API for applets in kicker and the menu, just because it makes it easier for programmers to make it available.

Tell me... do you keep these applets in your kicker? They are nice, but they either look horrible (tiny) or they take TOO MUCH space from kicker!

KWeather (The icon is too tight)
WorldWideWatch (no space to see anything)
KNewsTicker (no space left for anything in kicker, so I had to use a Child Panel, until I got bored, and removed)
... and so on

And not only that:

The flexibility of the menu would allow not only moving current applets to the menu:

Why not a knotes applet?
Why not have a Menu applet? A menu that is more flexible.

Have you noticed that there's a "Run Command" in the menu and there's a "Quick Launcher" applet for kicker? They do the same, don't they? Why duplicate?

Anyway, I never heard of ideas that everyone liked, and no idea is perfect. If you know how to improve better the usability, tell us. At the moment KDE is NOT perfect. So that's what we are trying to fix.

- Oct 22 2002
... art - Oct 21 2002
La cuesti - Oct 21 2002
If these plugins could be implemented without breaking the API for kicker...

If that's possible, adding a new widget type shouldn't be much trouble, I think. Extending something is not usually difficult. Extending something without breaking the previous implementation thing is a bit more complicated...
- Oct 19 2002
Good work. Please keep in mind that it should be something possible to be implemented. Otherwise there's no way the developers could take it seriously. - Oct 19 2002
Yes :) That's what I meant. Maybe not really well described as I see... - Oct 19 2002
I like the way you expand the menu. Rally lovely! - Oct 19 2002

Various Stuff 32 comments

by yf12s
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Oct 21 2002
I love the design - Oct 21 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 6 comments

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Oct 10 2002
I like it... except for the "cheeta" style dots in the 'K' - Oct 10 2002

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

by basse
Score 50.0%
Oct 03 2002
It would be nice (imho), to have a flat screen on the back which displays a kde desktop. That would be a kde related stuff, wouldn't it? Or even the same penguin, watching at such screen. I guess this last would be a bit more challenging....

I'd like to make my own, but I'm not good at blender. I was never able to use it for more than 30mins without getting frustrated. - Oct 03 2002
Sorry, I didn't read the comment. Of course, blender. - Oct 03 2002
The penguin is really nice.... but the KDE thing on the back... I'm getting tired of having all wallpapers with the "kde" letters.

Really nice, otherwise. What software did you use? - Oct 03 2002
Fireworks3D (OpenGL) - Source

Screensavers 15 comments

by koral
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Aug 03 2002
It's much more realistic with them! - Aug 02 2002
Lake Superior Fog

Nature 7 comments

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Jul 16 2002
So nothing :) It's just a nice photo, but I would not like this site to become webshots.

I come here to look for kde stuff. If I wanted nice photos there are hundreds of other free galleries around the world.

How about this same photo with tux doing aquatic ski there? Then it would suit better.

Again, I have nothing against nice photos ;) - Jul 16 2002
... but I think it's a bit out of topic. Anyway, I can't say it's bad. - Jul 16 2002
KSplash/X (KSplash/ML ThemeEngine)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 6 comments

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Jun 18 2002
It's a bit buggy yet though :( - Jun 18 2002
Replace ObjThemeEngine.h with ThemeEngine.h in src/XConfig.h

- Jun 18 2002
noatun-osd: On-Screen Display for Noatun

Various Stuff 17 comments

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May 31 2002
Is it normal that when you increase the volume the lines are drawn on a gray background? (Instead of transparent).
Everything else seems to be working fine. - May 30 2002

Icon Sub-Sets 26 comments

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Jun 04 2002
You don't need any more feedback than your score. Your icons are great, and... original!
- May 28 2002
kde3 xp style

KDE 3.5 Themes 265 comments

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Apr 11 2008
Did you change anything? Please don't make people re-download it for nothing. - May 02 2002