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Holger Bauer
MacSlow\'s Cairo-Clock

Various Gnome Stuff by MacSlow 45 comments

I know, it's useless eye candy, but I can't help - I love it. :P - Jan 23 2006
Comix Cursors

Cursors by jlue 313 comments


I really like it. However, the text entry cursor is hard to see, when you use a mostly dark theme like me. Can you include an alternative one? - Dec 17 2005
monkey gaim emoticons

Icon Sub-Sets by bink 2 comments

Very cute monkeys. :) - Dec 14 2005

Wallpaper Other by teicah 6 comments

I really like it. Also works great as a background for nautilus windows. - Dec 06 2005

Wallpaper Other by Jack000 6 comments

Great wallpaper. I really love the colors. - Nov 30 2005

Wallpaper Other by Jack000 6 comments

I get the same errors, but if you right click and chose download you receive the proper image. I also had to rename it from download.php to .jpeg - Nov 30 2005

GDM Themes by nagilum 10 comments

Thank's for the colour pack. I'll go for the orange version.

The red, blue and purple version are "fuzzy" on the rounded border. This somehow looks odd. - Nov 21 2005

GDM Themes by nagilum 10 comments

I like simple. Your gdm theme is simply great. :)

Will you do some other colors too? - Nov 19 2005
Water Vapor

GTK2 Themes by monchichi 75 comments


since I complained about scrollbars last time, let me say one thing: The new version looks definately better than the old scrollbars. They fit much better in your theme.
However I noticed a small glitch with scrollbars inside tabs. The colour around the stepper arrows is too light.

Thanks for the update - Nov 13 2005
Water Vapor

GTK2 Themes by monchichi 75 comments

This is a really nice theme that has just the right grain of aqua without being an annoying clone.
However there is one thing I really dislike about the theme - the scrollbars. The steppers are too big compared to the thumb grip. And why does it have arrows too? I know these are just two little details, but they drive me mad. ;) - Oct 03 2005
Darth Vader's Guifications Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by DarthKao 3 comments

that's tomboy - Sep 03 2005
Sawfish Clearlook-gperfection

Various Gnome Stuff by djdeath 8 comments

Rename the file from tar.gz to tar.bz2 and you can open it.
As already pointed out, this is a theme for sawfish, the wm used before metacity in gnome. - Aug 21 2005

Wallpaper Other by obraketsu 2 comments

Wow, great wallpaper. Very stylish. Only the little talking bubbles aren't my taste. I think it would look better without them. - Aug 02 2005
Cyber Tribe

GTK2 Themes by FireClown 9 comments


I really like your theme and I can see that it was a lot of work.
Just some minor things I don't like so much:
- the red on the grey menubar is hardly readable for me. I made it a bit brighter.
- the metacity theme should lose its round borders when maximized
- IMHO the steppers on the scrollbars don't match to the rest of the theme

PS:You shouldn't give a sh*** about ratings here. I've seen themes getting 10 bad votes before they had 5 downloads. :) - Jul 17 2005

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by swim 1 comment

That's a nice idea. Never seen a fullscreen splash before. Thumbs up. - Jul 14 2005
Summer Comming Soon

KDE Plasma Screenshots by spoogie 2 comments

no need for the copyright. i searched on for a wallpaper named summer*.
So here it is:

Have Fun - Jun 06 2004