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Umayanga Alahakoon , SriLanka
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Beaches and Oceans
mcOS 11 GTK and Shell theme

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Apr 22 2019
Another variant (⋟﹏⋞)
Here's my iOS 7 style white color shell theme - Jul 24 2019
For Gnome shell theme? - Jul 22 2019
I found this video on YouTube. Check it out. - Apr 22 2019
This theme isn’t compatible with Solus (budgie desktop environment). I’ll try to fix it. - Mar 18 2019
Thanks - Aug 25 2018
Added a dark version of the shell theme. I need some time for the dark version of GTK+ theme. - Aug 25 2018
padOS theme

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Jul 23 2019
Thanks - Jul 23 2019 - Jul 17 2019
Cupertino iCons Collection

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Sep 06 2019
No. I don’t make download archives from git master. Archives from git master are zip files and those are huge (size). So I compress them by myself to tar.xz (still huge. But smaller than zip files) - Jul 22 2019
I have three separate GitHub repositories and I can put only one link for this icon theme.
That’s why I’ve linked all three GitHub repositories as external links in “Files” of this icon. But now I can’t see them in the files list of this icons theme.
Did you guys remove those external links?
It’s OK but I update all the things I’ve mentioned in the Changelog. - Jul 22 2019
I’ve updated the file manager icons in “Cupertino-Mobile” icon theme and I maintain separate GitHub repositories for Cupertino, Cupertino-Catalina and Cupertino-Mobile.
Here’s the link for Cupertino-Mobile - Jul 22 2019
- Jun 05 2019
One is a downloadable .tar file. The other one is the link to GitHub repository. - Mar 18 2019
Changed all the names to "Cupertino" and changed the names on the front image. - Feb 21 2019
Done ✅ - Feb 20 2019
What is your desktop environment? GNOME, KDE, Mate etc??? - Feb 14 2019
Agreed. Now I have the same feeling. - Feb 13 2019
Now it's compatible with Deepin 15.9 - Feb 13 2019
Rhythmbox - Feb 07 2019
I don’t think so - Feb 07 2019
First, read the item description of that Korla icon theme.
That icon theme is JUST A MIXTURE of La Capitaine, macOS11 and Papirus icon themes. - Feb 07 2019
In Apple’s iWork apps, word processor is the orange color one and the presentation software is the blue color one. - Jan 15 2019
I’ll try to fix them in the next update. Thanks for informing this. - Nov 18 2018
Thanks for reminding this. I’ll change that in next update.
This theme is based on the MacBuntu theme by NoobsLab. That’s why it has that “macbuntu-os” name. Anyway, I’ll fix it in the next update. - Nov 18 2018
Thanks for your understanding - Oct 15 2018
Someone sent me the link to your icons and told me to include them in this icon theme. Few months later, I included them in this icon theme but I couldn't find that link to your icons. When I update this icon theme with those icons, I've mentioned it it the item description as "............(icon names) are taken from DeviantArt but I can't find the link to those icons" or something like that. Then I removed that in the next update because that doesn't make any sense.
I'm really OK with crediting you for those icons because this is an opensource platform and only thing I wanna do is to make a good macOS like icon theme for the linux users who who loves the macOS UI but can't afford a mac (like me).
I'm really sorry for this and thank you so much for those icons. - Oct 14 2018
I've never test any of my themes on KDE desktop. Maybe something's wrong in this theme. I really don't know about this. I'm sorry. - Aug 25 2018
1. Renamed this icon theme to "Cupertino"
2. This is my only OpenDesktop account. Those other guys who upload many variants of macOS are my friends. I taught one of them to upload to GitHub from GitHub software using my laptop and I forgot to logout from his account. That's why the new commit is done by someone else. Again, this (umayanga) is my only OpenDesktop account and USBA is my only GitHub account. - Aug 08 2018
Designed by myself except Maps, text editor, calculator icons. Those icons (.ico files) are taken directly from the designer of the macOS11 concept design (mentioned in the description). Then converted those icons to .png files, Resized those icons to match with Gnome Desktop. Then converted to .svg files and then put those icons inside folders.

I think you got my answer. Simply I designed them except 3 icons. - Aug 08 2018
Some icons are copied from macOS 11 concept design by Álvaro Pabesio (maps, text editor, calculator icons) - Aug 07 2018
I was in a bit of a hurry. That’s why I didn’t mention those redesigned icons. Check it out now. - Aug 07 2018
That circular icon is NOT the Settings icon. It’s the icon of Tweak Tool. Settings icon of this theme is same as macOS Settings icon. - Jul 23 2018
There’s a brand new news app available in macOS Mojave. It means there’s a new news icon available in macOS Mojave (rounded version of iOS News app). So what are the popular news apps available for Linux ??? Then I can add that icon. - Jun 24 2018
Git Cola isn't open in Windows 10. I don't know what's the problem. AnywayI've done the work using GitHub's desktop software. I've never used git software. It's so much easier than I thought. - Jun 23 2018
Added extracted files for GitHub. Check it out. - Jun 23 2018
Thanks for the info. But what if I don’t wanna upload and maintain the same theme in several places ??? - Jun 22 2018
Just try to upload an extracted icon theme to GitHub. GitHub website doesn’t allow to upload more than 100 files/items once (I don’t know about any Git softwares). As we all know, typical icon theme has more than 100 files. In this theme, there’re more than 11,000 files. So what should I do? Upload those icons 100 by 100 ???

AND also I don’t wanna update the same theme in two websites (gnome-look and GitHub). I used themes of Gnome-look website for more than 3 years and I uploaded each and every theme that I’ve created to this website since the first theme that I’ve ever created 2 years ago. I don’t wanna upload my themes to GitHub. I just uploaded that tar file of this icon theme because of you guys requesting a source link and I won’t maintain it. So there’s no need to see modifications. Everyone can see the modifications in the “Changelogs”. Why should I even maintain the same icon theme on GitHub? This Gnome-look product is the primary source of this theme. I know that there’re some/many developers maintain their themes on GitHub and share them on open-desktop (like upload videos to YouTube and share the link on Facebook and Twitter). It’s ok. Maybe it’s a really easy way. But I’m not a that type of developer. I just make/update themes on my computer (offline), test by myself, compress and upload to

Isn’t Open Desktop a place where creators upload their products directly ?????

It’ll be so great if you upload this theme to GitHub and share the link with me. Then I can add it as the source link. I really mean it. Not a sarcasm.

Sorry for my bad English. It’s my second language.

Thank you - Jun 22 2018
Added Dvd95,Devedeng and Gucviewer.
I have no idea what are Alink creator and wxcas. Tell me what are those apps (ex: video player, spreadsheet or web browser etc). Then I can add them too. - Jun 21 2018
McHigh Sierra

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Sep 05 2019
10 the best - Jun 21 2019

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Sep 15 2019
10 truly the best - Jun 21 2019

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Sep 16 2019
10 the best - Jun 21 2019
Layan gtk theme

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Sep 12 2019
10 the best - Jun 21 2019

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Mar 03 2019
Love it
~ USBA - Mar 02 2019
+ - Mar 02 2019
Cupertino-Mobile iCons

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Feb 25 2019
Thanks - Feb 25 2019
Now it's compatible with Deepin 15.9. Download the latest version. - Feb 25 2019
I don’t think so - Jan 28 2019
Deepin Icons Collection

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Apr 08 2019
That’s macOS11 shell theme.
Here’s the link - Jan 22 2019
McOS theme of PAULXFCE - Aug 25 2018
Human Shell Theme

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Jul 04 2019
I removed that panel-button-
highlight a long time ago. Anyway I’ll check about it.
Which one did you tried? Zip file or git repo? - Jun 24 2018
Buttons Icon Theme

Icon Themes
by Jike

Score 67.1%
Feb 07 2018
McHigh Sierra

GTK3 Themes
by vinceliuice

Score 85.7%
10   Jun 21 2019
10 the best

GTK3 Themes
by paulxfce

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10   Jun 21 2019
10 truly the best

GTK3 Themes
by vinceliuice

Score 90.4%
10   Jun 21 2019
10 the best
Score 88.8%
10   Jun 21 2019
10 the best

GTK3 Themes
by dmnerd

Score 70.0%
9   Mar 02 2019

Gnome Shell Themes
by unc926

Score 83.0%
9   Feb 20 2018
Superb work. Love it.
Score 58.0%
9   Jan 06 2018
Buttons Icon Theme

Icon Themes
by Jike

Score 67.1%
9   Dec 15 2017
Love it
Smooth Glossy Icons

Icon Themes
by Jike

Score 70.0%
9   Nov 10 2017
WOW I love these glossy icons. Places icons are really amazing.
Ant Themes

GTK3 Themes
by eliverlara

Score 84.4%
9   Sep 04 2017
Oranchelo Remix

Icon Themes
by sira313

Score 78.6%
9   Jul 07 2017
Score 74.3%
9   Oct 14 2016
Paper Icons

Icon Themes
by snwh

Score 79.8%
9   Jul 28 2016

Icon Themes
by egarciae

Score 71.3%
9   Jul 28 2016
Score 79.3%
3   Jul 28 2016
Score 82.6%
9   Jul 28 2016
Score 86.8%
9   Jul 28 2016
La Capitaine

Icon Themes
by krourke

Score 81.0%
9   Jul 28 2016
Score 61.7%
3   Jun 03 2016
Cyana 3.14 Shell Theme

Gnome Shell Themes
by BBOSAK2143

Score 41.4%
3   Jun 02 2016

Icon Themes
by ZMA

Score 71.0%
9   May 27 2016

Icon Themes
by OxayotlTheGreat

Score 87.3%
9   Apr 13 2016