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Stephen Banks
Linux For Girls

Wallpaper Other by cristian 3 comments

Nice wallpaper. Character drawn by the animation company Carnelian? Yeh, very cool! - Jun 05 2006
Yes, very nice indeed. Please share the GTK and metacity themes with us ^_^@ - Jun 05 2006
Ubuntu Mac OS Lookalike

Gnome Screenshots by umboody 10 comments

As I put in the description, the text on the top bar isn't a link to a menu, it's just a 1600x28 image I madein Gimp. I then put in a custom drawer (see Add to Panel, Drawer) which contained all the programs. Very bad way of doing it and I wouldn't recommend it ^_^ - Jan 04 2006
Ubuntu Mac OS Lookalike

Gnome Screenshots by umboody 10 comments

They are from the SideCandy series of GDesklets, available from - Aug 03 2005
Ubuntu Mac OS Lookalike

Gnome Screenshots by umboody 10 comments

I was merely trying to show people what could be done with Ubuntu. I was surprised how easy it was to achieve this look in Ubuntu, especially for a 16 year old such as myself. I thought I may as well include my distribution with this screenshot, I know its the same Gnome as most people, but the tools and accessibility to access them in Ubuntu made this task much easier. - Aug 03 2005
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Icon Sub-Sets by everaldo 5 comments

There are only 4 icons in this set. Just extract them and use them as custom icons. You cannot install them using the Gnome theme settings dialogue - Jul 09 2005
Translucency (xorg 6.8.0 + gnome 2.8)

Gnome Screenshots by n3d1m 2 comments

Install xcompmgr and transset.

Add the following section into the end of your xorg.conf file:

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Enable"
Option "RENDER" "true"
Option "DAMAGE" "true"

Then add xcompmgr (with options - into your list of Gnome startup programs (gnome-session-properties) and set it to order 0 (allowing it to start up before any other program). The translucency in the screenshot is achieved by using the command transset, followed by the amount of translucency one wants (eg, 0.5 = 50% opaque). Just running transset sets a window to 75% opaque.

This program is only really recommended for high-end computers with 3D accelerated graphics cards. - Jul 04 2005
few minutes with gnome

Gnome Screenshots by phactor 3 comments

The icons at the bottom aren't spaced out very well. They seem a bit randomly placed.

Not bad overall. The GDesklets work well witht the rest of the theme. - Jun 22 2005
OS X emu

Gnome Screenshots by Dominatus 23 comments

Can you actually click on the whole of the title of the menu in the top bar to activate it. I have a similar setup with drawers, but they only pop up when I click on the square of the icon. - Jun 09 2005