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Marcelo augusto Ferreira Aparecida de goií¢nia, Brazil

Plasma Color Schemes by chichovoto 6 comments

I like your theme color! Its pretty nice!
And love your plasma theme, which theme is?
- Oct 11 2012

QtCurve by lgsalvati 5 comments

I like the colors and also the qtwigdet!
I also like your dock and i want to know: what dock is that?
Thanks - Oct 02 2012
Meio Cinza Claro (Escala de Cinza)

Plasma Color Schemes by Vinucs 1 comment

Gostei muito de todos os seus temas postados, também gosto muito de cinza e tons escuros. - May 21 2012
full flat

by lgsalvati

7 .8
Oct 05 2012