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Roberto Urso , Italy
Scaled Black : Murrina

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

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Jul 05 2007
Nice work, finally a new theme that I like ;) - Jul 05 2007
Murrina Sky

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May 28 2007
simply awesome!!!!!!!!
best murrina theme ever ;) - May 27 2007
Murrina Cobalt

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Mar 29 2007
sorry I can't upload it, send me a mail and I'll send it to you ;) - May 04 2007
you mean carbonite? no..I guess he'll never reply.. - Feb 28 2007
its called serene but I don't remember where I found it..sorry.. - Feb 27 2007
Murrina Kent

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Mar 29 2007
nope, I dont know that band ;) - May 04 2007
It's a metacity that u can find here
- Dec 18 2006
Bitstream Vera Sans 7 - Dec 15 2006
Fixed :D
Thanks for notice me ;) - Dec 15 2006
don't remember where I found it, give me the mail - Dec 15 2006
I can't because it's not mine, sorry - Dec 15 2006
Its an icon theme that roberTO sended me a while ago and I can't release. Try to ask him if he's gonna release it ;) - Dec 14 2006
Truth for linux

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Mar 29 2007, search there ;) - May 04 2007
Sorry I don't have those icons anymore, I lost everything..also my themes but, just for luck, I have them on my site.

So please (I'm not saying this to you but in general) don't ask for those icons anymore, thanks ;) - May 04 2007
I lost everything during an installation of ubuntu, so I don't have that iconset anymore..sorry :( - Jan 10 2007
the icon theme is a match of many icons I found on the web and I can' release it.
I tryed to send it to someone but my connection is too slow and goes in timeout so when I'll go to my friend's house I'll try to send it.
I'm really sorry for this. - Dec 14 2006
It's a theme I did mixing various icons so I can't release it, but if you send me a mail with your e-mail address I'll send it to you as soon as possible..right now I don't have internet connection at be patience :D - Oct 09 2006
I'll do it as soon as possible..bye - Oct 08 2006
Tell me what are these pixmaps and I'll do in a few days..consider that right now I don't have internet and I released the theme from my friend's you have to wait a few days..
Anyway I don't understand why you are so upset..everything it's different from your themes.. - Oct 08 2006
I asked the permission to susumu and he said to release without reservations..if you want I can post his mail.

At kpolice: I didn't think that using you gtkrc was a big deal, but if you want I'll gave you the credits. Anyway there are millions I don't think that using a base gtkrc is a big deal. - Oct 08 2006
It's a theme based on the Milqu theme, but I have to contact the author of the original theme before to release it.. - Oct 07 2006
Fixed..tell me if you have the problem yet.. - Oct 07 2006
I can't release it because is a mix of various icons, send me your mail and I'll send to you ;) - Oct 07 2006
I downloaded it from a pack in - Sep 20 2006
thanks bvc..I think it's because people don't like porting..but I don't care, I do it for that people that like my work.
And thanks for the nice comment ;) - Sep 20 2006
ah ah you're right, the links are reversed, I'll fix it soon. Anyway I think that in 2 weeks I'll release I'm very busy. - Sep 18 2006
Gnome Blue-ifull

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Mar 24 2007
but you have to ask him before doing and release a mod, please do it and until he gives you the permission you can't release it..

I wanna say that there's nothing personal, good luck with the permission ;) - Mar 22 2007
I can't see much difference from this, sorry but its what I think.. - Mar 22 2007
New Murrine Configurator

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Mar 10 2007
I think that the work is awesome, these guys are doing an awesome work and we have only to be patient, they will do everything, they just need time.

clarkkent - Mar 02 2007

Gnome Screenshots 24 comments

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Feb 26 2007
I used the contact formular as he wrote to do.. - Feb 18 2007
already did, I asked two times pointing this page and never a reply, don't now what to do.. - Feb 18 2007
here - Feb 12 2007
its an icon-theme i did with misc icons, the folders icons are called Blend - Feb 11 2007
its a wall jon@s did, you can find a link in - Feb 11 2007
Frozen Plastic Suite

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Mar 29 2007
it's engage - Aug 31 2006
you have to extract all the files from the tar.gz file and then to drag and drop in the gnome theme manager. - Aug 31 2006
I'm working on it, as soon as possible I'll fix it..thanks for the advice ;) - Aug 30 2006
anyway if you need desktop icons you can find them here - Aug 29 2006
Thanks man, and like I said in the introduction "The start button was made by roberTO, so I'll not release it to respect the copyright of the owner and the same for the icons."
I'm really sorry but I don't know where you can find the icons because roberTO sended them to me.. - Aug 29 2006
Clear is better

Gnome Screenshots 13 comments

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Jul 16 2006
you can find some infos in the tutorial I released with fantastic gtk2 theme here

if you need something particular feel free to ask - Aug 27 2006
you can find some infos in the tutorial I released with fantastic gtk2 theme here

if you need something particular feel free to ask - Aug 27 2006

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Sep 03 2006
Well done ;)
You know I like it.. - Jun 30 2006
Cold Plastic

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Mar 29 2007
Height: 23px
The buttons are the ones of the theme (I used a little gradient). - Jun 29 2006
thanks man, glad you like it.
I have to fix something and then I'll release it - Jun 27 2006
The buttons are not rounded for a personal choise because in the future I want to do a smooth version.

Anyway what kind of button do you like? The one of the first shot or the second? I like more the second ones.. - Jun 26 2006
you can find it here - Jun 26 2006
the real one

Wallpaper Other 29 comments

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May 25 2006
aahahhahahahah soooooooooo funny :D - May 25 2006

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May 23 2006
I dodn't tell to you to not release your theme, I said if you want that you can put also my file in the same theme, but I didn't want to make critic..

There are no problem for me, my file still remain on deviantart..bye - May 23 2006