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Don Uorri
Uorri'z Green

Compiz Themes by uorriz 4 comments

thank you for your reply.

actually I don't use the blur plugin (my poor video card is too slow :)
but I belive that this artefact are caused by the usage of "legacy" engine.
I'll make some test as soon as possible.

Stay tuned! ;) - Sep 20 2006
Uorri'z Green

Compiz Themes by uorriz 4 comments

happy to hear that someone like it. Here's a full screenshot. Hope you'll get compiz work soon :) - Sep 16 2006
My Garden 2

Wallpaper Other by uorriz 3 comments


well I'm not a good gardener so I don't know how it is called. But i'm sure it's not a mimosa because it hasn't any yellow flower.

However I'm glad to hear you like this pic :) - Jul 31 2006
Simple Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by uorriz 3 comments

of course!

that's my first try after reading the useful tutorials on the english wikipedia. you can find it here:

good luck :) - Feb 13 2006