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urci indalo

Plasma Window Decorations by Strahlex 6 comments

It was my favorite theme until I changed to Plasma 5, where it renders horribly.
Any plan for a Plasma 5-compatible update? - Jul 14 2016
Dropbox ServiceMenu

Dolphin Service Menus by hash87 124 comments

The solution is easy:
1) Edit the installed file with a Text Editor. My favorite is nano on the command line.
2) Look for the only text instance of "share_existing" (without the quotes) and replace it with "home" (again without the quotes)
3) Save the file with the original name and permissions.
4) You're done :) - Feb 13 2013
Cabo de Gata

Wallpaper Other by javierllorente 2 comments

But please, explain it is located in Almeria, just at the south-eastern corner of Spain. "Andalucía" is useless as an indication and, by the way, it is Andalusia in English. - Jul 06 2010
Google Web Search, KDE SC 4.4 style

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ademmer1977 105 comments

I second the petition! Even the rendering of is not right.

Apart from that I take the opportunity to thank you for this piece of software! - Jun 20 2010
Natural Gentoo

Bootsplash Various by jirityr 17 comments

First of all, I must thank you for your impressive work on this theme.

Could you make a 1366x768 resolution for laptops?

Also, I second the petition for a purple logo icon. In the current state it looks like Gentoo (or Linux) is incapable of showing colors from the very beginning to the eyes of uneducated Windows people.

Thanks in advance. - Mar 25 2010
Chrome Glass

Cursors by fnaax 24 comments

Would it be possible to make a dark yellow cursor version? I mean, a dark yellow transparent cursor background instead of grey. That'd be great with dark themes. - Feb 28 2010
Karamba TV

Karamba & Superkaramba by enriquepuertas 4 comments

¿Qué tal, Quique?

Estoy intentanto cargar Karamba TV en el Superkaramba de KDE 3.5.2 (Gentoo AMD64), pero no lo veo aparecer en pantalla por más que lo intento.
¿Es incompatible con el Superkaramba 3.5.2 de KDE?
What's up, Quique?

I'm trying to load Karamba TV on KDE 3.5.2's Superkaramba (Gentoo AMD64), but I don't see it appear on the screen no matter what I try.
Is it incompatible with KDE's Superkaramba? - Jun 01 2006
Perfection Buton Mod

Plasma Window Decorations
by dee2er

9   Nov 23 2011
9   Nov 23 2011
Tenuto-Light Aurorae theme

Plasma Window Decorations
by MrBumpy4096

9   Nov 23 2011

Plasma Window Decorations
by mcder

9   Nov 23 2011
9   Nov 23 2011
Ember for Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations
by garthecho

9   Nov 23 2011

Plasma Window Decorations
by fillintheblank337

9   Nov 23 2011

Plasma Window Decorations
by megabigbug

9   Nov 23 2011
Air-Oxygen w/ keepabove

Plasma Window Decorations
by Ireyon

9   Nov 23 2011

Plasma Window Decorations
by raimis

9   Nov 23 2011