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Aleksandar Urosevic Kragujevac, Serbia

Network by SkyCoder 8 comments

I can't add my account with more than 5200 tweets. I got this error after about 800 downloaded tweets:

Twitter API error when load tweets.

Can you add 1 minute pause between tweets pool to prevent API overload? - Mar 06 2010
Dance of the Spirits

Wallpaper Other by ivancukic 12 comments

Thanks Mr. Lancelot! I really like this!

Inkscape? - Jul 12 2009

Amarok 1.x Scripts by keegancsmith 150 comments

I have Debian 5, Amarok 1.4.10, KDE 3.5.10, Pidgin 2.5.5.

When I activate AmarokPidgin in Amarok, I can't access script settings. There is no output for status "Media" and in script console I get this error:

ERROR:dbus.proxies:Introspect error on :1.4:/im/pidgin/purple/PurpleObject: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.

Do you have some idea how to fix this? - Mar 11 2009

Chat & Messenging by arti-kz 12 comments

I'm going to review Qwit for Serbian IT magazine "Svet kompjutera" because this is great app! Better than other standalone twitter clients for GNU/Linux.

Do you plan to add DM's? - Jan 07 2009

Network by seba 6 comments

I updated Serbian translation for 0.3.17. Get TS sources from - Jun 22 2008

Email by marcel83 148 comments

Hello and thanks for great app.

I sent Serbian translation for KGM to your e-mail, and now have some sugestions for improvements.

1) How hard is support for multiple GMail accounts?
2) How hard is option to scroll/change infos for all new mails in inbox, not to show only latest?
3) Addition to 2: towo buttons in upper left corner of popup window to switch between new mails in inbox.

I hope you'll put this things on your empty TODO list (in KGM package ;))

Regards, - Jun 09 2008

Video Apps by troorl13 58 comments

Good job, nice app, but! Installation procedure don't install videocut app, just menu file (is that for KDE4, because they not show in KDE3 K menu?), SVG icon and doc's.

Are you planed to fix that? - Feb 10 2008
Crystal Project Mime Comics

Icon Sub-Sets by urke 2 comments

I sent request for license to Marvel, but I have not jet received approval or denie of Spiderman character usage.

Still avaiting answer.

P.S. sorry for bad English - Jan 15 2008
Hyper Video Converter

Video Converters by almatic 69 comments

Great. Keep good work. - Oct 14 2007
Hyper Video Converter

Video Converters by almatic 69 comments

Good tool. I got one suggestion. When command fail, temporary filename is created, so on next try with corrected parameters ffmpeg make question to overwrite existing file, but as user can't answer, process is aborted.

So, is there a way to popup question to user and send answer back to commandline? - Oct 14 2007
Linux distro timeline (SVG)

Cliparts by urke 3 comments

Thanks. Well, little boring work (vectorizing a lot of lines and dots), but, it's more important to be nice looking timeline :) - May 31 2007
GNU/Linux distro timeline

Cliparts by npu 67 comments

I vectorised LDT and put SGVZ on - May 31 2007

Network by Viras 122 comments

I respect your work, but just wish to notice that GKrellM (that I use) have this 'tool' implemented in every network monitor krell separated with daily, weekly and monthly stats summary.

Who use GKrellM, just need to click button in lower right corner of network monitor.

IMHO, GKrellM have not export option, so you got + from me ;) - Apr 17 2007
Mire v2 themepack

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 26 comments

I'm wondering, what's that nice simple system meter on top of your desktop? - Jan 23 2007
PCLinuxOS SVG logo

Cliparts by urke 3 comments

Just open SVG in Inkscape, remove black background and export image as PNG. That's it. - Jan 18 2006
Vistesque-Mod for Lipstik

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by bonafide 120 comments

OK, forgot I ask this, I just restarted KDE and all goes OK. - Jan 09 2006
Vistesque-Mod for Lipstik

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by bonafide 120 comments

I wish to know how to made KDE panel "skineable" as is on screenshots? How you made launcher icons and clock and system tray area "transparent" or skinned with that gradient?
I have KDE 3.4.2 on Slackware 10.2 current and I wish all to look like on that screens :)

TIA - Jan 09 2006

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by dralgebra 541 comments

This is simply the best kwin work I see and use (until now I use Polymer kwin deco).
But :) are you planed to put color choser for titlebar when it's set to non-transparent (fade+100%)? - Jan 07 2006

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by motyR 383 comments

You must to convert themes from 1.0 to 2.0 format, using portDeK bash script from deKorator 2.0 package. - Jan 03 2006

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by schopfer 8 comments

I expect OpusOS for KWin for the long long time. Great job. Just, is it possible to get more rounded corners as in original OpusOS? - Oct 09 2005
winamp classic

XMMS Skins by speleoalex 5 comments

How you publish this skin port as GPL when it is licenced by Nullsoft?

My friend and I ask xmms developers to publish WA4X (2.9 style) but he told to us to ask Nullsoft developers for licence. I ask him, but I not get positive answer, so we use this ports in private. - Oct 28 2004
Umicons 2.0

Icon Sub-Sets by norbalin 68 comments

I long time ago get Umicons, but I start to explore it right now. It's funny, great and the best (better than all aqua & crystal style. BRAVO! - Feb 28 2004
relaxing GNU

Wallpaper Other by Rysh 1 comment

Give to us one Slackware version :) - Dec 22 2003
Linuks... Mislite o tome!

Wallpaper Other by urke 4 comments

That mean "Think about that!" in Serbian Cyrillic :) - Nov 09 2003

Wallpaper Other by arn 2 comments

Fine work, but you may to illuminate and improve antialiasing of Tux. Nice mirror effect. I one word: good job! - Sep 14 2003
Gentoo & kernel #1

Wallpaper Other by urke 2 comments

Just say me where I can find Gentoo logo with dark (preferred black) background, and I will do that :) - Sep 12 2003

Wallpaper Other by pirke 3 comments

This is one of the best simple but wallpappers that beat delicacy. Bravo!
(daj malo vishe pozadina bez KDE na slici ;) - Sep 10 2003
TUX the killer with Slackware [Serbian]

Wallpaper Other by urke 4 comments

Well, I'm from Kragujevac :)

Kako mrzim kad ne mogu da pishem srpski ;)

btw. I now go to see what you made for us.

And, thanX for wishes! - Sep 10 2003
Slackware kernel & beauty

Wallpaper Other by urke 4 comments

Yust send to me gentoo logo and I'll do what you wish :)
- Sep 10 2003