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Phil Cooper San Jose, United States of America
Thunderbird SVG Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by acornejo 1 comment

You can find a copy of the official Thunderbird icon at - Apr 13 2012

Conky by Snooze86 13 comments

Using ALSA's aplay feature is a good work-around, since the system bell function ("beep"), using the PC speaker, is broken in Ubuntu and from my research on the subject has been broken for a long time. Actually, "wrecked" would be a more apt term, as someone decided years ago that the bell signal was annoying and took steps to disable it. Moreover, some systems may not even have a speaker in them, or the speaker is a tiny piezoelectric sounder on the motherboard that puts out such a low sound as to make it virtually inaudible. - Sep 30 2011
Sound Theme Manager

Audio Apps by david4dev 1 comment

Gnome desperately needs a way of editing and maintaining sound themes as easily as one can do it in Microsoft Windows 95 and later, but at version 0.4 this program is very raw. Buttons change size on mouse-over, causing an annoying "jump" in rows of buttons. Lacks a help feature. Text displays could use some expert copyediting for grammar and verbosity. Not all features implemented to truly make it useful. Program should display its version level with an "about" button or link. Button graphics look nice, but I'd prefer perfecting functionality before jazzing-up the user interface. - Sep 30 2011
iKons 0.6 for KDE2/3

Icon Sub-Sets by kborrey 177 comments

Ubuntu uses .deb packages, the native package used by Debian Linux, because it is a customized version of Debian. All you need to get the .tar.gz files is open the .deb package with Archive Manager and extract it. The .deb package also contains some other files that tell the Synaptic Package Manager where to install the program and how to set up the icons in the Applications Menu. Debian packages can thus be installed on any other Linux distribution. In fact, .deb packages are created from generic .tar.gz archives, not the other way around. Your complaint is ill-founded.

I'm running Ubuntu, but may eventually migrate to Debian. Although Ubuntu is very easy to install and relatively easy for the novice Linux user to configure, and Canonical sends out frequent updates and patches, the short support cycle — even of the "Long Term Support" versions — is troublesome. I think in terms of 10+ years of support for an operating system. In fact, I still have a couple of machines running Windows 98, because I still run software designed for Windows 95/98 and some DOS programs that are well over 20 years old. - Sep 30 2011
iKons 0.6 for KDE2/3

Icon Sub-Sets by kborrey 177 comments

Ubuntu is derived from Debian and uses Debian (*.deb) installer files. You can open .deb files with the Archive Manager and you'll find all the same files that tar.gz file contains, plus a few more to tell the Debian software installer how to set up the directories and where to copy the files. What's so hard about that? It's certainly not Ubuntu-only. - Sep 30 2011