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vital vialas Madrid, Spain
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KDE 3.x Splash Screens
Buuf Deuce KDE

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Feb 01 2010
Hey, your icons look awesome!
by the way, did you know your logo (the hand with the rose) is the official logo of the political party PSOE in Spain? - May 24 2008
GNU/Linux gun

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by Arnis
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Jun 22 2007
the responsible use for a gun is to destroy it and make it un-usable!

If there were no guns for sure there would be much less violent deaths in the world...

Guns Suck! - Jun 23 2007
Gray Flames

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Jan 08 2007
could you post it in a higher res.?

- May 20 2007
Kaffeine Wallpaper

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Sep 30 2006
Hey Egonw, i understand what you say about double bonds and oxygens, i could have included them... but it doesnt mean to be hyper-realistic (for that purpose spheres models are more appropiate), atoms and bonds aint brown and orange anyway... its just a model!
good idea the inChl code in the bottom!
What about modelling some other molecules? Adrenaline could be nice too, what do you think? - Oct 08 2006

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Jul 23 2006
there you got it in 1280x1024 - Jul 23 2006
Hey flammenbringer, sorry but thats the best resolution i have.
A friend in Madagascar sent it to me like that...
Why dont you try to re-scale it to a higher resolution? - Jul 22 2006

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Jul 21 2006
nice to know you liked it!
i'll be soon working in some new stuff ... - Jul 22 2006