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Alejandro Volaju , Argentina
Various Gnome Stuff

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Jun 13 2007
Is it possible that you make a version of the Glory-Simplex theme in black/dark tones? - Feb 14 2008
Sanctuary - mockup

Various Gnome Stuff 18 comments

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Feb 18 2007
The file manager look lighter to me, and well, it's only a mockup! - Feb 21 2007
I will try to, but my english is not so good to say all the small details. - Feb 18 2007
For the mockup i use "Inkscape 0.43"...
And for my real desktop i use Beryl and the "ish" theme. - Feb 06 2007
There are a lot of dark Beryl themes, remember that this is only a mockup...

This theme is very close: - Feb 05 2007
You can find the wallpaper of the first screenshot here:

And the 2nd here:

Good luck. - Feb 05 2007
Oh, i forgot... The search is based on Beagle UI. - Feb 04 2007