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Xavier Valeryan24 Toulouse, France
New Wave

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Dec 14 2009

1- I will try

2- That's right, I first installed NewWave by downloading community-themes on Ubuntu Intrepid, it should be version 0.5 or 0.6, then I installed Dark Menus from the 0.7.2 got from here.

Personally I prefer the "old" window border style with big X, thanks for your proposal for doing a version which fits 0.7

3- I will post a bug report on Launchapd for Nautilus

Best regards :-) - Feb 01 2009
Thanks for your answer.

1- It was not the most important, the orange you choose is nice, too, I'm not very well on programming and compiling, but I will try your advice. Blue is better compliant with Tango Icon theme I use.

2- I selected New Wave Dark Menus theme in order to have dark color on the menus, but as I wanted the windows buttons from NewWave theme, in Appearance - Customize - Window Border, I put NewWave, as you can see :,a32c60653cf33b507b2983c52ae7591f.png.html

But now, the title bar of each window has not exactly the same color as menu bar just below in the same window - one is grey, other is black and I'd like the same color, is it possible or do I have also change the svg ?

3- For Nautilus, I could not print screen when moving a file, so I did it in Gimp : normally when I drag the file with the mouse on the left of screen to move it to "home" folder for example, when cursor is just over "home", 2 rows appear above and under the name "home" to show you that, if you stop left-clicking mouse, file will be moved in this folder.

With NewWave theme, I do not have anymore this rows, when I am on Nautilus trying moving a file, I do not know exactly on which folder it will go.

I hope I am clear... - Jan 31 2009

First I want to congratulate you for your fantastic theme : I really love New Wave, it looks modern and beautiful, I hope it will be included in the artwork for next Ubuntu versions !

I installed the Dark Menus one and it is very nice.

For my own use on personal desktop, there are 3 details I would like to change in order New Wave (Dark Menus) becomes perfect for me :

- Color of a clicked button (mouse over it) or element and clicked progression bar as blue instead of orange.

- Have on the top right on the windows for Dark Menus the sames buttons (with the X bigger) than in classic New Waves : to get that, I mixed the theme with Dark Menus and Metacity New Waves, but now title of window and menu bar aren't the same black / grey color, how to get this ?

- Most important : on Nautilus file manager, when I drag & drop a file, there is no more the up and down black lines on the folder where I move the document, and it is annoying, this helped me a lot to move on the right folder.

If you know what modifications to make on your configuration files (after having downloaded the pack), thanks a lot in advance !

Again, great work ;-) - Jan 31 2009
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