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Pete Vargas Mas , United States of America

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This is excellent! Where was this photo taken? - Nov 05 2006
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

Thank you for the soft-porn. Like I can't find this elsewhere on the internet. Give me a break with the porno already! - Oct 12 2006
el storko

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Wow. This is the absolutly worst desktop background I've ever seen! COOL! :) - Sep 09 2006

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Beautiful graphic! BTW, the download link seems broken... - Feb 07 2006
Soldier View

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I tried translating this from French to English using Google and this is what I got:

The yankees, you start with us to break them small small with:

1. that is to say the mug of your soldiers to the idiot who run away themselves by calling their mothers as soon as they are opposite a true army.

2. Your advertising banner with the look Coke with badly made graphics (see another wire rss)

The site of Kde-look is not made for that: you upset everyone!

Everyone's entitled to their opinion. The flame comment was unnecessary tho, as are the bad coments about these pictures. Can't we just apreciate the art, and limit ourselves to constructive criticism? Obviously our French friend is confusing this website with a political activism website. I like the photos by the way.

Fermez-vous lâche français. Disparaissent le poteau sur un emplacement politique.
- Dec 23 2005