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Marek VavruĊĦa Brno, Czech Republic
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Jan 01 2010
Hi, I think I anwered most in the second reply to fpuelz :)
I'd like to join efforts in creating powerful data engine for KDE workspace and even merge some stuff
in plasmoid itself. But I still think it's a good idea to have several different plasmoids for different approaches, but the very same powerful data engine.

Remember - different tasks, different tools :) - Jan 07 2010
Hi, I had exactly the same thought :) I think, that powerful data engine for public transportation should be present in KDE workspace. Probably better as a separate package (dependencies) to encourage more developers to create great features and UIs, and I'd definitely like to join our efforts in that!

Concerning the UI, I could definitely merge some planned features, but that's not as important as powerful data engine, which should be accessible from anywhere like KRunner and so.
What do you think?

Sorry about the late reply, I've taken semestral exams, so I'm still quite busy :) - Jan 07 2010
Wow, thanks for checking - never knew Czech Railways have so wide database. :-) - Dec 30 2009
Sorry, QVariant.toReal() was introduced in Qt 4.6, for compatibility reasons I replaced it with toDouble(), latest git should work for you :-) - Dec 30 2009
Hi, the most visible thing is, that it's not a "departure table". - it's focused on searching journeys from live services, which didn't work for me in PublicTransport.

Search bar - in this applet it's designed more like KRunner. The only attribute it supports right now is "at 00:00", but it will be extended in future for queries like "Prague on 12.6. at 6:00" and so.

Home stop oriented - it is planned to recognize your position from given rules based on IP, WiFi SSID etc.

The major (although invisible) thing is JavaScript based services. Since PublicTransport is XML and RegExp based, it's not always possible to fetch live data from some sites, as many providers (like Czech Railways) make it as difficult as possible to parse them. JavaScript based services give you much more freedom to parse more complex pages and still remain understandable.
Who loves to debug complex RegExp? :-)

The interface is quite similar, which may be confusing and PublicTransport is very nice applet, but it didn't suit my needs. I hope I made it a bit clear :-) - Dec 30 2009
Thanks, removed focusProxy() for now. It's handy but I'm not sure if it doesn't clash with other plasmoids. Please try recent git snapshot :) - Dec 30 2009

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Oct 13 2010
I reverted incremental parsing, try downloading current 0.6.5 or latest git - it's just all goodies in 0.6.5 without incremental parsing (probably root of the bugs).

Or wait for the next release :) - Dec 03 2009
Thanks for the report! I'm actually reworking the layouting to MVC, but I have some work to do first.
It works fine for me in Qt 4.6, but please stick with 0.6 if it doesn't work for you (nothing so fancy in 0.6.5 anyway :).
I'll try to release updated version as soon as I can. - Dec 03 2009
Maybe a bit late, but still - does the new version work for you? There has been some adjustments (also in networking code) :) - Nov 24 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Deaimel

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Nov 21 2009