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Graphic Apps by mkoller 58 comments

Can it zoom-in related to coordinates of a mouse cursor? It seems to do it, until picture gets cropped, then it reverts to zooming related to top-left corner coordinates of a window.

Zooming with mouse scroll works much better now, though with touchpad and multitouch scroll, imho, it is better to just pan a picture rather than zoom or browse, because theres almost no physical feedback of how much is being scrolled with touchpad - especially when cpu lags a bit - one can skip images when browsing, zoom in too much etc. And, also, +1 for panning because with touchpad both vertical and horizontal scrolling is possible.

Theoretically, i think image previewer app should always be centered on the screen, since it is often launched for just a couple of seconds and users focus is mostly at the center of a screen.

I think, picture itself should be zoomed in and out relating to coordinates of a mouse cursor, while pictures frame (or window) should, at the same time, be resized relating to center of the screen, this should keep pictures from "jumping around" when browsing and zooming.

Sorry, for being pushy, take it for what it is - just an opinion. Thanks for a nice app! - Aug 18 2011

Graphic Apps by mkoller 58 comments

Great, thanks! Here's few more proposals:

Antialiasing for scaled down images.

Preload next image.
Which image is the next? Can it get a sorting order from dolphin?

For zooming theres an excellent feature in gwenview that flips mouse cursor over from one edge of the screen to another when panning an image - i'm not sure if i describe it right.

Mouse scroll to pan an image? It zoomes in and out now, but since image window is resizing itself mouse cursor gets off of the image window easily. I guess these decisions really want to live in a settings window.

For some reason showimage doesn't fill the whole screen when zooming in an image, resizes a window only up to about 95% of the screen area.

Other than that nice and fast, 'center everything, resize relating to center of a screen' policy is missed though - an acdsee nostalgia. - Aug 06 2011

Graphic Apps by mkoller 58 comments

I wonder if you care about this kind of usage scenario:

Use dolphin (or ranger, or any other) as thumbnailer, navigate with keyboard, launch a picture with enter key - showimage fires up on the center of the screen, window resized to size of the picture - plus fast zooming with resizing a window - plus scrollbars show up when zoomed picture doesn't fit the screen (or maybe not?), space and backspace for next and previous picture in a folder(maybe recursively too) - closing showimage by hitting enter key again - this way it would be possible to both launch image and close it by hitting the same key, good for quick previewing.

At least this is what i miss in kde - just a quick previewer app without toolbars or menu or anything, overlayed transparent back forward controls could be nice thing to implement though.

Cheers! - Jul 30 2011

Utilities by medoc 42 comments

Can it be made to index contents of Konquerors web archives(*.war)?

Great software, btw! Thanks! - Mar 20 2010
KDE Partition Manager

System Software by VolkerLanz 104 comments

In gparted theres a tickbox to 'round to cylinders' when creating and resizing partitions. Because partitionmanager doesn't have such tickbox, does it rounds to cylinders by default or not at all?

Thanks! - Feb 14 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi 842 comments

Thanks for the applet, i was longing for middle-click closable tasks like in kde3, but this is even better with manual sorting etc.

One feature request is keep popping in my mind if it is possible to make tooltip to stay visible after a mouseover event. Maybe "sticky" button next to close button in tooltip area or something like that. For tv/video previews or etc. Then, of course, another nice addition would be to be able to resize stickied tooltip freely to provide better look whats going on inside an app on another desktop.

Something like that is already possible, however, using kwin effects plugin. While taskbar tooltip method would be more ergonomical imho, i'm not too sure if this feature is worth implementing. - Dec 06 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by ibuscher 25 comments

I second that, pity. Hope to be fixed someday, such a nice subtle desktop creature. - Jun 24 2009

Amarok 2.x Scripts by Knoellchen 24 comments

It is working great! I found that this script adds 4 new menu entries in Tools menu of which 'Record webradio' saves each song to a separate mp3 file - i was a little confused at first which menu command to execute, although its probably obvious enough.

Thanks a lot! - Jun 18 2009
openoffice menu font color does not change on mouse over when launched normally.

when i launch ooo from bash script located on kde desktop, i get correctly themed menus with white mouseover font color. thing is - it only works when launched from desktop. any other directory or k-menu or .desktop launcher gives me black font color on mouseover.

the script itself contains these lines:
OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome openoffice.org2.4 -writer

how to get ooo to retain correct menu themeing when launched from k-menu?

can anybody replicate this anomaly?

i´m on slackware 12, kde 3.5.7, nvidia 169.12 drivers, compiz 0.72, i have set menu mouseover to shiny-glass with bordered menuitems - all is nice except black mouseover text. - Apr 28 2008
i would like to see the selected menu items border and roundness options to be added back some day, i have usually unchecked them as workaround to get mozilla-qt-gtk menus look all the same.

no matter of that - great work!
thanks! - May 05 2007

Cliparts by peterm 18 comments

Proud to run it
and some logo or text "Linux" below.

if the slogan is not already taken by somebody of course. - Apr 13 2007

Graphic Apps
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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