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May 03 2016
mp3gain is no longer included in the repository, so it has to be installed by a PPA before QtGain can be installed via Deb. Alternatively you can compile the source yourself or unpack the Deb manually, but then the dependencies have to be installed manually as well. - Aug 24 2018
Instead of using rgain, it would be better to switch directly to gstreamer and replace all gain tools. gstreamer can normalize or just write the replay gain tags at the same time and multitasking could increase the processing enormously. - Jan 28 2018
Debian and Ubuntu have removed mp3gain from it's repositories. If you want to install QtGain you need to install mp3gain first via PPA. - Apr 17 2017
The code snippets are directly taken from the source code. You can see the used parameters there, I replaced the -c switch with the -k switch. I hope that will fix any issue. - Sep 21 2016
Thank you for your comment, the -k switch isn't used. I just changed this, here the new version:

isForceRecalulation ? Parameter << "-a" << "-k" << "-s" << "r" << "-d" << QString("%1.0").arg(Volume() - 89) << allFiles[finishedFiles()] : Parameter << "-a" << "-k" << "-d" << QString("%1.0").arg(Volume() - 89) << allFiles[finishedFiles()];

isForceRecalulation ? Parameter << "-r" << "-k" << "-s" << "r" << "-d" << QString("%1.0").arg(Volume() - 89) << allFiles[finishedFiles()] : Parameter << "-r" << "-k" << "-d" << QString("%1.0").arg(Volume() - 89) << allFiles[finishedFiles()]; - Sep 21 2016
I have already ported QtGain to Qt 5 some time ago, but not released yet. - Mar 23 2016
Hi and thank you for the patch. I added it to version 0.9.8 but I did not test if it works. As requested I also created a SourceForge account where the source code is available (zip or via git). - Nov 22 2014
I don't use flac nor I have flac files to test it. If it possible to detect gained flac files with your workaround fast and safe then you can send me a patch and I will merge it to the current version. - Feb 23 2014
This is a limitation of metaflac, it ignores replay gain tags and reprocess every file. You can find a feature request here: - Feb 23 2014
I just tested it with Gnome and it works as it should. I didn't change anything at this behaviour for a very long time, I don't know why it doesn't work for you. - Jul 05 2011
Silent update:

I have discovered that QMessageBox generally can't open links in KDE, I don't know if this is a bug but all other DEs have no problem with html links. QtGain now uses its own dialogs to display the messages, these dialogs should also work with KDE. I have updated the debs so everybody can test it, there are also some ui changes. - Jul 03 2011
Hmm, I have no clue if this is a bug in KDE or Qt, both versions are quite old. I just download a daily of Ubuntu 11.10 and test it if it works with a newer version. - Jul 02 2011
Hi, I'm using Gnome and the links working for me. What desktop are you using?
* Can you open the project page via the link in the about dialog?
* Can you please start QtGain in a shell and click on the links, is there any output?
* Does right click working for you? There should be a context menu (Copy Link Location)

Thank you for pointing that out! - Jul 02 2011
At the moment I like the current ui more than your suggestion for the main window. But if you have other ideas how to change the ui or icons its no problem to change that, if it looks prettier. - Jul 02 2011
I have adopted your proposal for the preferences dialog. - Jun 29 2011
The design from the main window of QtGain is taken from (word counter/statistic). The reason why I don't using group boxes is because they reducing the free place for the other widgets, so it would be necessary to enlarge the main window. On the other hand under Gnome the thin lines are not shown and IMHO it looks not so good for the main window. The changes in the preferences dialog can be adopted from your mock-up.

Here a screenshot: - Jun 26 2011
Hi thank you for work - comments and suggestions are always welcome. You can upload your work to a filehoster like or any other hoster and I will have a look at it. :) - Jun 25 2011
I have uploaded a translation file for Qt Linguist. With this file everyone can translate QtGain to his/her native language. Upload the translated file to a filehoster and post the link here, I add the translation in the next version.

* Czech translation is in process - Jun 01 2011

mp3gain is the only replay gain tool that supports writing ID3v2 tags. But these tags are useless for your mp3 player, because mp3gain stores only "Analysis" and "Undo" information. Every time you replay gain your files with mp3gain, it changes directly the loudness of all frames, your songs have the same loudness independently of the used device. - Feb 16 2011
I found an article at how to use mp3gain, hope this helps. - Jan 20 2011
Execute mp3gain via shell with the parameter -h, read the instructions. The parameter -u is just what you want to undo the changes. - Jan 19 2011
Lower the "Target Volume", the default is 89db. Replay gain your files again with the new setting and clippings pp. should be gone. - Jan 19 2011
Yes indeed, the guide is incomplete and I will add the missing line. To compile QtGain you need to install Qt first and then follow these steps:

$ cd QtGain
$ qmake (it generates the makefile)
$ make
$ sudo make install
- Dec 27 2010
Okay, I add the version number to the about dialog. - Dec 26 2010
Hmm, I think there is no disadvantage when I add this parameter permanently. I will change it in the next release. - Dec 26 2010
The only way to change this behaviour is to change directly the source code. Its quite easy to add an additional parameter, after compiling the altered source you can use the new QtGain binary. - Dec 23 2010
Please check in your preferences that the target volume is not too high, the default is 89. When you replay gain your files with a too high volume your files can clipping. You can revert this when you replay gain your files once again with a lower target volume. - Oct 03 2010
Hello and thank you for your feedback :)

98dB on mp3gain on windows is equal to 95dB on qtgain.

mp3gain has two options to set the gain level:


-m <i> - modify suggested MP3 gain by integer i
-d <n> - modify suggested dB gain by floating-point n

QtGain using -m to set the level, maybe the windows frontend uses -d. I have changed this behaviour now, hope this fixes the issue but I can't guarantee that because I don't using windows anymore. ;)

Also the .deb packages work fine in debian testing.

Great news :) - Sep 10 2010
Nice :) When no new bugs will be reported I release the new version in a few days. - Aug 25 2010
1. Now QtGain works just perfectly with mp3 files and calculates "Track Gain" and "Album Gain" correctly.

Great news :)

The point is that if you already have calculated "Album Gain" and re-set QtGain to calculate just the "Track Gain" it doesn't skip all of the files as it should, but skips just some of the files and recalculates the track gain for other files in the same folder (which are already calculated and applied).

I have tested it with some files and I can reproduce it. But I can't change this, this is a behaviour of mp3gain. When I AlbumGain some files and then manually TrackGain with "mp3gain -a -k -c files.mp3" mp3gain analyses some files again. Perhaps its possible to avoid this with some additionally option, but I don't know.

- When you drop the folder to calculate the Album Gain for the flac files interface hangs about minute and shows that it's executing Metaflac package (see screen) and than without any dialog it shows that calculating is finished. But as you can see from screen-shot it shows - ToDo -0, Gained 0, Skipped 0, Errors 0. In reality Album Gain is calculated and applied correctly.

QtGain shows a busy indicator instead of a percentage of steps when you AlbumGain flac files. Unfortunately I can't change this. Metaflac gives no information back to QtGain so its only know when Metaflac starts and when it exits, its impossible to show how many files are gained, skipped or a progress in AlbumMode.

To replay gain in AlbumMode only one process is started with:
metaflac --add-replay-gain file1 file2 file3...

- Here is another issue. When you calculate the Track Gain the same Track Gain value is also applied to the Album Gain field, which is not correct. You can see this on screen-shot.

Metaflac does this automatically but in this case it's not a bug, please see the help in Metaflac:

...Existing ReplayGain tags will be replaced. If only one FLAC file is given, the album and title gains will be the same.

In TrackGain mode QtGain starts for every flac file a single process
metaflac --add-replay-gain file1.flac
metaflac --add-replay-gain file2.flac
... - Aug 23 2010
Here are the latest DEBs of QtGain 0.9.1 beta:

Thanks for testing - Aug 23 2010
I found something new. When I'm calculating the "Album Gain" the last file hangs.

Hmm, strange but I can confirm the bug. I have already fixed all reported bugs and will publish a beta of 0.9.1 here in the comments tomorrow, so you can test it for bugs. :)

Again, thanks for reporting! - Aug 22 2010
I have reviewed the problem. I am used
mp3gain -r -k -c
for calculating. Without the parameter -k this behaviour does not occur. I will change this in the next version, thanks for reporting! - Aug 22 2010
Very nice application!

Thank you :)

I just can't understand one thing - why some files are recalculated several times? I did simple test - dragged the same folder 3 times. At first time all of the 12 songs were gained and 0 skipped. At the second time 8 songs were skipped and 4 songs were gained again. The third time results were the same as in the second time. So, why this 4 songs are gained again and again? :)

I have a few songs too which replay gained every time, this is an issue of mp3gain. I don't know why mp3gain trys to replay gain these files again and again. You can test it yourself when you run mp3gain manually with these files and mp3gain should analyse the files every time.
On the other hand not all replay gain tools supporting skipping and replay gain every time the files. - Aug 22 2010
Im using 0.9.0 and I enabled "Show skipped files in Errorlog" but now I cannot find the errorlog.

Indeed this is a bug and will be fixed in the next release.


The about box shows how many files I processed and how many were gained, but it doesn't show the skipped files.

Yes the statistic shows only gained and processed files, the difference of both values are the unprocessed files (skipped/ errorious). - Aug 22 2010
I have included in the new tarball a .desktop file as well as the missing program icon and a makefile. I think that are all necessary files but I can visit the irc channel when I have time. - Jun 15 2010
Wow, thank you for asking! :)

BTW: Later today I will upload the latest release 0.8.4 with a fresh GUI and some other enhancements. - Jun 15 2010
Ok, I added this feature in the upcoming version 0.82. You can switch logging of skipped files on/off in the preferences dialog. - Apr 16 2010
Hi and sorry for the late reply. QtGain skips only files which are already gained and there is no need to recalculate the replay gain. Files with errors are automatically listed at the end of the current job in a dialogbox which also shows the type of error. - Apr 15 2010
I just uploaded a new version which can replay gain Flac files. You must install metaflac which should be included in every package of Flac.
Have fun! - Oct 23 2009