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Alessio Pangos Florence, Italy
Beryl/Emerald Themes
GTK2 Themes

GTK2 Themes 37 comments

Score 61.7%
Jul 20 2010
it is beacause it is perfectly stable. Never had a single issue with ubuntu's default murrine engine so far.. - Aug 14 2010

DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
Score 84.0%
Jun 24 2014

It works after installing the python-keybinding package.. - Jun 11 2010
I've got the same error can't use dockbarx anymore and no way to downgrade to previous version from repo sources.. - Jun 11 2010
Homosapien Metacity Customizer 0.4.5

Metacity Themes 98 comments

Score 62.5%
Mar 17 2010
The theme is amazing, the customizer is supreme, but it needs only one more thing to be perfect: the option to add window borders like in the homosapien2 mockup.. - Feb 11 2010
best metacity theme ever. - Feb 02 2010
Lithium - GTK, Emerald, Metacity

GTK2 Themes 21 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 25 2009
I can't believe this theme is rated so low. What happened to gnome-look? It is clearly one of the best ever made for linux.. - Nov 18 2009
Man, after the changes to the panel this theme is just AMAZING and it's gonna be my default theme for a LONG time.. - Oct 25 2009
The problem with compiz opacity is that it makes the icons on the panel transparent and hard to see too.. would you ever consider making an alternate version of this theme with no pixmap panel background? It's the best theme I've used so far, but a 24px panel on a big screen is really too small for me.. - Oct 19 2009
Hi, AMAZING theme. Just one thing: what if I want my panel to be transparent or change it? It looks like you can't, because the background of the notification area and some others remain the ones of the theme even if a change it.. - Oct 18 2009
Nowplaying Screenlet modified

Conky 37 comments

Score 63.3%
Dec 10 2009
I made the 3.1 version to work also following your suggestion. Thanks for bringing the nowplaying screenlet back to life! - Oct 29 2009
the updated version doesn't start at all in ubuntu karmic.. - Oct 29 2009
it seems it doesn't work with amarok 2.2 here.. - Oct 19 2009

GTK2 Themes 72 comments

Score 62.5%
Mar 10 2010
Hi, this theme is great and I would like to use as my default theme, but I can't because many buttons in openoffice are too dark to be read. I mean, the icons have been replaced by dark and almost unreadable text.. - Aug 30 2009
LINUX que viva la revolucion!

Wallpaper Other 19 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 10 2009
Ups I made a mistake, didn't mean Benedetto Croce but Giovanni Gentile instead, sorry.. - Aug 13 2009
I know what I'm talking about, maybe better than you do, and if you really want to know, I'm graduated in philosophy, and I know what Marx is talking about (shall I suggest you to read something by Max Stirner instead?). And I think that Marx should have been taking more care of what human nature is, because what he said goes totally against it (some other suggestions for reading: Nietzsche, Feyerabend), and lead to such abominations as USSR, China or Cuba, that actually ARE examples of what communism IS and what communism can NEVER be because of its lack of understanding of human nature. And please do not think that fascism does not have its philosophy (read Benedetto Croce), and that it was just a dictatorship, cause it was not. And how many people did communist regimes kill in history? 55 millions? Maybe more, consider Cambodia, Tibet, Stalin camps, Noth Korea and so on.

That said, consider also that I'm a left wing guy that just can't stand no more hearing left wing people saying how good communism is and saying the same things said 60 years ago by someone else and never thinking with their own minds about something new. - Aug 13 2009
Sorry, but you don't know what you are saying. Castro persecuting gay people is just one thing. Democratic? What is democratic in forbidding internet access to all the population, and not letting anybody go out of the country? And Mao destroying the Tibet, and so on. Is more human than capitalism? Then think that me and you couldn't be talking like this if we were in China or Cuba or Cambodia or wherever communism is and was. It's just like fascism. - Aug 12 2009
Communism goes against human nature in every single aspect, even theory. Communism is what it has been, because it couldn't have been different, because it's wrong. Just like fascism. Saying that Stalin and Lenin & Castro & Mao etc. were doing a different thing than communism, well, THIS is bullshit. - Aug 11 2009
you don't get it. If somebody posted a screen with linux and a symbol of fascism I would be offended too. Linux has nothing to do with regimes of any kind. - Aug 10 2009
If a nazi swastika would appear on this site, it would be banned. Then I think this should be banned too, it's just a nonsense and it's offensive for lots of people that have been oppressed and killed, and still are, by communist regimes. - Aug 10 2009

GTK2 Themes 102 comments

by metak
Score 50.0%
Sep 08 2009
There are too many bugs and usability issues for me. First: setting transparent background to normal windows make also movies trasparent, which is horrible. Second: firefox buttons are rendered badly (just check Third: if I set bold fonts for applications, I can't distinguish new emails from old in evolution, and if I don't set bold text it's a bit difficult to read anything. Fourth: Some text in Listen is unreadable. Fifth: if I set your background in nautilus, scrolling down results in blu lines of death :)

Anyway, the theme is beautiful, but not yet usable. Keep up the good work! - Jun 10 2009
All KDE apps can have the default gnome style if you install a package called qgtkstyle. - May 24 2009
Also Listen is not displayed correctly, qt4 apps set to have a gtk appearance (like skype) do not display correctly as well (black unreadeable text). And sometimes fonts have too many colors and the layout of some apps becomes confusing (Listen, Firefox). Also, apps like evolution need more white, all this dark background make things difficult to read. These are just some suggestions. Again. great work! - May 16 2009
Man, this theme is great, but there are some bugs yet (one is in the firefox download window).

And please, make the openoffice background white, the way it is now is not professional at all. Just have a look a the Wasp theme: it has different settings for certain apps, you might use this strategy to make this theme perfect. This is a theme that just deserves to be made perfect. It's great!! - May 16 2009
I hope it's finished soon! - May 14 2009

GTK2 Themes 57 comments

by Cityy
Score 50.0%
Jun 06 2009
mmmh strange, I'm sure it's possible to have different colors, look at the Dust theme, it has white text in the dark menus, and black text on white background.. - Jun 04 2009
Hi, well looking at your screenshots, I think I have all the settings right. Look at the nautilus window in your screenshot: the text beside the icons is gray, not black, and I find it difficult to read because the background is white, and it's the only thing I don't like about this theme. But maybe changing it to black would make it look worse, I don't know it's just a suggestion.. - Jun 04 2009
Mate, your theme is great and menus are just amazing. BUT, I don't understand why so many times you choosed grey instead of black as a font color. It just makes things difficult to read (i.e. evolution, everything is grey there, it's hard to recognize at glimpse if there are new unread e-mails), even nautilus folders text. Or maybe I have some settings wrong.. - Jun 02 2009
Drakfire Evolution (white-black tray)

Full Icon Themes 45 comments

Score 63.3%
Dec 13 2009
I think it's a great theme, but the home folder with the house is horrible.. Anyway nice work! - Jun 02 2009

Full Icon Themes 37 comments

Score 63.3%
May 14 2009
it says download limit is reached.. your theme is beautiful man! - May 14 2009
I would really love to see an orange version of the folder icons (like crashbit-ubuntu), I don't like blue icons coupled with the Dust theme I am using. Otherwise, amazing theme, keep up the great work! - Jan 19 2009
Dust Compact

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 11 2009
Hi, I agree that the icons have the same size but if you can't see any change at all I wonder if you had the theme installed properly. Just look at the new screenshot I uploaded (more to come), the difference is clear.

I'm not sure how I can make the icons smaller, it's one of the things I asked in the description, if anybody knows how to do it please tell me. Thanks! - Apr 11 2009
WoDaC Light

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 06 2009
what nowplaying is that? - Mar 24 2009

Full Icon Themes 176 comments

by sora
Score 76.5%
Oct 25 2009
I'd like integration with KDE apps in my gnome could make a package for KDE as well? - Mar 12 2009
It's fantastic, thought I'd like an orange version as well, are you planning it? - Feb 16 2009

GTK2 Themes 29 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 03 2009
I really don't like the orange text. I doesn't look professional at all. Otherwise this would be a great theme! - Mar 01 2009

Full Icon Themes 12 comments

by greoj
Score 65.6%
Nov 23 2008
I think an orange (like the crashbit icon set) colour would fit better with Dust than brown. - Feb 20 2009
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

GTK2 Themes 370 comments

Score 80.4%
Sep 22 2010
Hi Cimi, I'd like to know what is the emerald theme used in the second and third screenshot, and I don't want to read all 28 pages of comments to find out. Why don't you write this in the description?

Also, in your website I can't find any theme that really look like the second and third screenshot, where are these from?

Thanks for your beautiful themes! - Feb 03 2009
New Wave

GTK2 Themes 277 comments

Score 72.2%
Dec 14 2009
Nice theme, but I really don't like how the scrollbars look. They are sometimes difficult to see. Also, I don't think they look modern at all, they give me that old fashioned retro feel, I don't know why, just my opinion, otherwise nice theme, but not as perfect as Dust. - Jan 26 2009
Dust-Macchiato Semicompact

GTK2 Themes 15 comments

Score 58.0%
Jan 23 2009
I think compact themes are the future, laptop screens are getting smaller and smaller, and I hate the waste of space of many GTK themes. I'd love to see the other themes you mentioned! - Jan 24 2009
Great idea, I like compact themes, but what about the regular dust theme made compact? - Jan 22 2009
All Day Long (Animated Wallpaper)

Wallpaper Other 142 comments

by edren
Score 68.0%
May 24 2012
I'm getting the rapidshare error too. - Jan 13 2009

GTK2 Themes 37 comments

by krig
Score 58.0%
Dec 23 2008
A bit too much mac, but still great and original. I love it! - Dec 23 2008
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff 187 comments

Score 58.0%
Jan 12 2006
I want the compact style to be adopted in gnome 3. It's genius! - Dec 08 2008
CrashBit (Fedora/Ubuntu)

Full Icon Themes 98 comments

Score 63.3%
Sep 06 2008
This is the best icon theme ever. But there's a bug in ubuntu intrepid: icons on bookmarks are displayed as the default gnome icons! Also some other apps seem not to display it properly. It's a pity, can you make an update? - Nov 28 2008
Hi, beautiful theme, these are some missing icons:

exaile, gconf editor, deluge, amule, amsn, gnome do, vlc.

You should include KDE icons too like in the oxygen refit theme: that theme is great because it covers really every icon on the system! - Oct 15 2008
mac4lin theme

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

Score 58.0%
Oct 11 2008
it's exaile - Oct 15 2008
dust scrollbarsmod

GTK2 Themes 12 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 13 2008
I doesn't seem the same panel of the photos! - Oct 10 2008
Ubuntu Dust

GTK2 Themes 125 comments

Score 70.0%
Sep 08 2008
Hi, you're theme is the best, you're doing great! But I noticed a bug using qgtkstyle and qt4.4 to integrate qt apps in gnome and make them look like the gtk theme you're using: with the dust theme, I can't read the entries in the toolbar (i.e. "file, help, tools" etc.). Sorry no photo of this but you can easily make a test. I'd like qt apps to share the Dust theme of my desktop, I'don't even know if it's a qgtkstyle bug or it's a bug in your theme, but I wanted you to be aware of this, because I think that integration between gtk and qt is the future.. - Oct 10 2008
Oxygen-Refit 2 - Black Version

Full Icon Themes 45 comments

Score 67.1%
Jul 16 2008
this theme is the most accurate I ever tryed. It changed nearly every icon in my system, excellent work! - Aug 07 2008

GTK2 Themes 26 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 20 2008
Great theme! - Aug 03 2008
Score 62.5%
Feb 04 2010
Score 50.0%
Nov 18 2009

GTK2 Themes
by dlkreations

Score 50.0%
Aug 08 2009

GTK2 Themes
by Cityy

Score 50.0%
Jun 02 2009
Score 70.0%
Jan 05 2009