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Lorenzo Porta , Italy

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Mar 01 2017
Hi everyone! It's been a long time, I know, sorry but I've been very busy at work. Here I am to decide whether it's worth keeping this project alive, so here some questions I'd like you all to answer:
1) Do you still think this app is useful?
2) Do you want me to keep on improving it?
3) Would you like to have both a Qt GUI and a GTK GUI? (already in progress btw)
4) Do you have any suggestions on a possible new name for this app?
5) Would you be willing to donate something from time to time to keep this project alive?
The more the people who will answer this little questionnaire the better.
I want you to be honest and write what you really think: just try to have a constructive approach please. - Dec 14 2018
Hi, no, it's not possible, but I can add this feature for the next version - Feb 23 2017
Hi! The conversation is getting pretty big and the website does not let me reply anymore under the exact message. However, profiles *are* saved as file, you can already find it under
but I'll add some actions to ease the import/export.
For the scheduling of the device I can't currently promise you anything, but I'll look into it, I need time and I don't have much in this period.
Which language are you using? Because maybe the description hasn't been translated clearly - Jun 07 2016
Have you tried what I said? Because if I was wrong, I need to know - Jun 01 2016
No problem, we're just trying to understand each other.
From what I read, what you actually want is the differential backup with source A and destination B - May 25 2016
Of course it makes sense, but you can already do that. I mean, the only thing that differentiates the various backup types is exactly what you are looking for. Have you read the tooltips on mouseover? Maybe that's not so clear as I expected and I need to review the GUI - May 23 2016
Sorry, bad translation, I meant "has just been added" - May 20 2016
Hi! The preview mode has just been introduced, that's why is a bit "simple", I'll certainly follow your suggestions for future releases.
About the fine control, can you be more specific? I mean: do you want the program asking you interactively for each file? Or something else? Because differential backup is to overwrite, incremental to rename the old and copy the new one, so are you asking for something to mix it (the behaviour) up?
Thanks for your feedback - May 20 2016
After a lot of tedious work (debian build system is quite awful) I finally managed to bring back .deb packages in OBS. If you want, try one of them and let me know if it's good enough (the repo is back too) - May 12 2016
Thank you! - May 11 2016
I managed to integrate a profile management into this release. Feel free to provide any feedback - May 10 2016
Done. It's called preview mode - May 10 2016
Ok, I'll come up with something - Apr 23 2016
Hi. Currently it's not possible, but I can implement that in a future release if it's important - Apr 23 2016
Thanks for your help!
I used to build all packages with OBS, but Debian does not have KF5 support yet, and the xUbuntu repo, for unknown-to-me reasons, does not supply its KF5 packages on OBS either. That's why I posted the request - Feb 17 2016
Thanks for reporting!
There was a typo in the PKGBUILD.
Try again and let me know - Nov 01 2015
I'll see what I can do - Aug 06 2014
Interesting, I think I'll do it - Jul 10 2014
1) Ok, I'll implement the dry-run. Just how would you like it? I mean, a table in a new window? a file? Give me some details
2) The "re-check" is indeed intentional, so that you can verify if all the work has been done, and on my pc it's fast... Have you found it slow only with network folders or even with local ones?
3) About the translations: if the error are not in English, visit the link in the description - Jun 24 2014
Never mind, I found out the problem: it wasn't about samba, it simply evaluates badly the modification times. Tonight or tomorrow I'll release next version and it will include the fix. Thanks again for reporting and let me know if it will work for you - Jun 14 2014
Hi Coen, thanks for reporting your issue. I'll setup a test environment and see what goes wrong. Your remote samba folder was on Windows or on Linux? Did it have any special settings? Just to know - Jun 14 2014
Hi, I'll see what I can do - May 02 2014
and thank you for porting it to gentoo - Apr 12 2014
Updated, I think it's now solved, but let me know if it's not - Apr 12 2014
Thanks for the advise! - Mar 10 2014
Modern KDE Gentoo Splash

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May 30 2014
Can you please port it to Plasma 5? - Aug 03 2015

Aurorae Themes 19 comments

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Jun 17 2014
Great, you earned my vote XD - May 23 2014
Maybe it fails because you uploaded it as tar instead of tar.gz - May 20 2014
I don't know why but it doesn't install the redx one - May 19 2014
Can you setup a direct link as the others, so that I can install it from kde systemsettings? - May 19 2014
Nice theme, I was looking for something like this. It would be nicer, in my opinion, with the X button in red. Can you do that? I'm currently using the black theme - May 18 2014
Modern KDE Gentoo Splash

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by jorgicio

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9   Jan 24 2015
KDM Dreams

KDM4 Themes
by rezz

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9   Dec 14 2014

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by rezz

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9   Dec 14 2014
Light Warp Remix

Plasma Themes
by karthik111

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9   Dec 14 2014
FS Icons

Full Icon Themes
by franksouza183

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9   Dec 10 2014
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

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3   Jun 17 2014

Aurorae Themes
by Wh4tTheDeuce

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9   May 23 2014