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Vinicius Leí£o Campina Grande, Brazil
Beryl/Emerald Themes
Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes 195 comments

by ubo
Score 84.7%
Aug 28 2017's difficult to find a GTK theme to match your icon theme. I've just discovered that it looks very nice with Van Gogh's paintings. Can you develop a GTK theme with this idea? Congrats for your work. Voted good. - Feb 07 2011

Full Icon Themes 23 comments

by Naf71
Score 79.5%
Nov 18 2010
Where can I find this GTK theme? - Nov 20 2010

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

Score 73.5%
Nov 09 2010
Thanks! - Nov 08 2010
...where is the metacity? :D - Nov 07 2010
A New Start

GTK3 Themes 90 comments

Score 70.2%
Dec 09 2011
Many thanks for the adjustment and the credits! :D - Aug 14 2010
That's exactly what I'm talking about. But I used Gnome Color Chooser to correct the problem, and it worked! To solve the contrast problem on the top and bottom gnome panels (is it the way you call it? I'm brazillian and my english sucks!) I set transparent panels, so only the selected window is white.

You should try to modify your theme using Gnome Color Chooser, then read the ".gtkrc-2.0-gnome-color-chooser" file in your /home and finally try to incorporate the code inside your gtkrc file. I've already done this before and it worked fine!

I hope my ugly english works at least! :) - Aug 09 2010
With minor adjustments, could be one of the best themes ever.

I reffer to some contrast issues -- as the ones on dropdown boxes, selected itens on menus and selected window on the panel. Its hard to see either the text or the selected item on these cases.

Could you please solve that? I'm anxious to use your theme. I haven't seen a theme with so much personality in years!

Voted good! - Aug 07 2010
Jaguar & Graphite gtk2 theme

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 28 2009
Wonderful! Now it is my favorite theme. :)

I'll just make a few more suggestions (and I really mean suggestions, because it is excellent as it is now):
- The border that separates the left and right panels in Nautilus could be thicker, more visible;
- The buttons "Close" and "Help" (among others) have no icons on the windows (which could be from the icon theme defined by the user);
- The buttons on the lower panel (the opened programs) could be 3D or glossy.

But as I said before, these are only suggestions, not criticism. The way it is now is excellent.

My sincere congratulations for your work! - Mar 20 2009
Hi, jcase.

First of all, sorry for my poor english. I am Brazilian. :)

Your theme is beautiful, but the icons take up too much space. In OpeOffice, for example, they are so large that there isn't enough space on the toolbar and many of them are hidden. If you fix that, I'll use your theme for a long time, because it is the most beautiful I have ever met here on Gnome-look. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
- Mar 20 2009
ViSlickness Golden

Beryl/Emerald Themes 11 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 02 2008
That's ok! - Nov 29 2008
I've done all you've said, but it simply doesn't work. Do you have another nice font to suggest?

Thanks for all. - Nov 29 2008
I've installed the font but it simply doesn't work. The preview on the theme manager is ok, but when you apply, the font is replaced by another similar to Arial. Any suggestions? - Nov 28 2008
Would you tell me please where I can find this snap font? - Nov 28 2008
Thank you for your considerations, Puli! I'm very glad you liked it. Congratulations for your Smoke Theme, it's fantastic. - Nov 27 2008
Slickness Golden

GTK2 Themes 18 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 07 2008
I've modified Puli's Smoke emerald theme to match (at least in my oppinion) Slickness Golden GTK theme. Search for "Vislickness Golden". Tell me your oppinion, then. - Nov 29 2008
Aquativo 2.0

GTK2 Themes
by Aitvo

Score 58.0%
9   Nov 17 2011
Magnifico Recall

GTK2 Themes
by Chrispy

Score 58.0%
9   Mar 29 2011
Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes
by ubo

Score 84.7%
9   Feb 07 2011
Windows 7 Look

GTK2 Themes
by 3dshifter

Score 43.3%
9   Dec 17 2010

GTK2 Themes
by maskaz

Score 73.5%
9   Nov 07 2010