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Marius Vintila
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VLC Playlist Parsers by exebetche 349 comments

Hello, so here we go.
I used version 2.1.3 until now, when I dragged by mistake a link from youtube to vlc. And it oppened it. No stucks. Then I searched on google if I can play a playlist on VLC and i found this. I downloaded the youtube_playlist.lua file. I put it where it was supposed to be. And then i copied the playlist link and opened it with Ctrl+N, but only the first song worked. No playlist :(. I downloaded the youtube.lua and i replaced the .luac installed. Opened the VLC, copied the link but it wouldn't work. It was starting and stopping in a loop. So I updated vlc, same thing. I tried version 3.0.0 from the git site or whatever. It was playing just the first song, and that one was stopping from 2 to 2 seconds. Can I do something to fix this? - Aug 30 2014