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Viní­cius Sabino Duque de Caxias, Brazil
Extra Monochrome Tray Icons

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Dec 31 2012
Is not my fault, the icons don't work with this programs correctly.
I suggest you uncheck the option to show the number of unread articles in Akregator;
And use the gmail-plasmoid instead of Kmail notification. - Dec 03 2012
Sorry for delay.

This program was updated and is with the icon theme:
/show.php?content=12956 - Oct 30 2012
Yes, maybe I can do, but you know the list of icons? - Jul 29 2012

Not my fault, just stopped working after a certain program update. - Jul 16 2012
As I understand it, the icons already exist and are working, right? - Jul 09 2012
OK. Thank you. I'll try... - Jul 07 2012

Already noted!

But I don't know how this program works, what are the icons...

If someone can help me I appreciate. - Jul 07 2012
I don't know, here in 12.04 works.

Try to install as sudo for all users:

/usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/icons/ - Jun 22 2012
I did knowing it would not work, because this program does not support SVG or PNG with transparency, then I decided to leave it as was because the icon would to have background color and would look ugly.
But since there is interest from someone, I will soon launch a new version with the icon "fake transparency" and write the instruction installation. OK?

But anyway, if you want to do, just replace the icon:

~/.jdownloader/jd/img/logo/jd_logo_128_128.png - Jun 12 2012
Well, this icon doesn't work.
I made just to say that exists.
I can only suggest to keep it hidden.
Sorry. - Jun 05 2012
Pronto. Demorou mas fiz e está funcionando normalmente. Tá bom? - Jun 04 2012

Ok, I'll follow your suggestion.

And I'm thinking of creating new icons for KNemo... - May 09 2012
Well, I did. What do you think? - May 09 2012
So, some icons are changes of other creations, for example Juk, KTeaTime... But most are completely my own, like Clementine, Akregator, VLC, Synaptiks ...

I hope you doesn't have any problem with that (I would not mind). After all, we're in this together in favor of Linux. No?

Thanks. - Apr 21 2012
Muito obrigado!

Então, parece que o ícone do Basket não funciona da maneira tradicional. E ainda não sei se existe uma solução para esse problema.

Sim, estou querendo fazer para o Kalarm, o problema é que teria que ser dois ícones, um ligado e outro desligado, por isso acho que não funcionaria também. Mas vamos ver...


Valeu! - Apr 21 2012
Yeah, I'm planning on it.

Tanks! - Apr 21 2012
kded-appmenu (upstream => KDE 4.10)

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Nov 16 2012
Need I do something else after install .deb? Because I installed and nothing happened.

Kubuntu 12.10 (Quantal)
KDE 4.9.2

Tanks. - Oct 31 2012
A ".deb" would be nice because I still can't install it. But the ideal would be to have this by default in Kubuntu. - Oct 15 2012
Sorry, what is this archive called "official kde-workspace-4.9.*.tar.xz"?

I've here just "kded-appmenu-0.9.18.tar.gz" and "kdebase-workspace-appmenu.tar.gz".

Tanks. - Oct 05 2012
And more, all windows are now without menu bar and the preferences box doesn't appear in the style settings. - Oct 04 2012
The directory name is:


Downloaded from:



Inclusive the instructions for unpacking is written wrong, no?

Thanks. - Oct 04 2012
After I do everything right, when I do this:

$ patch -p1 < appmenu.diff

It appears:

can't find file to patch at input line 5
Perhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?
The text leading up to this was:
|diff --git a/kcontrol/style/finetuning.ui b/kcontrol/style/finetuning.ui
|index 2d384bc..e740b3c 100644
|--- a/kcontrol/style/finetuning.ui
|+++ b/kcontrol/style/finetuning.ui
File to patch:

What should I do? I want menu button in title bar.

Kubuntu 12.04
KDE 4.8.5

Congrats and keep the good work! - Oct 04 2012

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Aug 20 2015
Yes, so I'll include in the package and then you get down, OK? - Jun 04 2012
I made a new icon theme for KDE:

[url] [/ url]

You could add to the program? - May 09 2012
Monochrome Tray Icons

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Dec 30 2010
So, I made more icons here:

If you add to the package warns me and I delete that page, OK? - Feb 17 2012
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Oct 15 2012
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9   Mar 05 2013
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9   Oct 04 2012

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