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Super V

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Apr 01 2007
Beautiful theme. :) May I make a couple of suggestions, though? Consider (a) lining up the log-in field with the date, and (b) lining up Language, Sessions, etc with the above, or with something else. I use a 1440x900 widescreen and it looks a bit off floating in space like that. - May 04 2009

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Nov 16 2008
Reminds me of Solid Snake. :D - May 04 2009
I am sexy

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Aug 10 2008
Seriously, this is lovely. Everything about it works - icons, fonts, background image. It looks good on both thumbnail and actual preview. Thanks for putting this up! - May 04 2009
Ubuntu Professional

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Feb 19 2010
Thank you. I wish they'd include themes like yours on the default set. - May 04 2009