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Vitor P
Events Plasma Runner

System Runners by alno 25 comments


Thanks for this promising tool.

I'm having a problem though. All seems to work fine up to the point where I hit "Enter" in krunner. Then it doesn't do anything, and in the terminal I get:

"No valid collection for events available", or "No valid collection for todos available".

Any suggestion? - Jan 20 2010
KDE 5 Service Menu EncFS

Dolphin Service Menus by egregorion 24 comments

Thanks for this script.

In line 35 of bin/ you define "msg_mount_passwd_txt", but latter you try to call "msg_mount_passwd_txt". This causes kdialog to fail, which is trapped below and the script terminates.

The def in italian is correct though :-)

Just tested the KDE4 version. - May 12 2009

Utilities by phfaist 25 comments

Interesting. I use Kile and never noticed that feature :-)

What do you mean exactly?

Vitor. - Jun 09 2006

Utilities by cs19713 103 comments


This compiled without problems and runs smoothly on my FC3, KDE 3.3.

I have only one doubt. When I dock xmms, kedit or gedit, for instance, and then I log out, the next time I log in these apps appear automatically docked. But this doesn't happen with thunderbird, which doesn't start. Is this expected?

Vitor. - Feb 02 2005