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Vinay Khaitan

Browser by cime3d 11 comments

You may have done it as an example of learning Qt, but you can make it really useful for people and also learn more Qt tricks. Quanta is not for windows too. Other applications are not good enough for small tasks.
Visual studio gives option of opening file with external editor. And there are not good free editors.
Some suggestions:-

1. Auto-Completion. This should be easy enough.

2. Hightlight and auto-complete css from regular HTML page too. Should not be too difficult. Hightligting can be added for HTML pages too. - Apr 28 2007

Network by kdeveloper 58 comments

This application can run on Qt/KDE toolkit whereas ethereal can't ;-)

Seriously, I am bored of dog slow ethereal. - Sep 22 2006

QtCurve by freqmodn 34 comments

It is one of the best layouts I have ever seen!
You did a mistake of posting ugly screenshots there. Most of the people judged based upon those screenshots, that's why its ratings are poor.
You have done an amazing work to best utilize qt4 architecture! May be its source code would be a learning point for many of developers! - Dec 24 2005

Network by gonebush 22 comments

see this one

it is a project of summer of code. it caters for almost the same things but at a price of $4500 (google boutie) :-) - Nov 09 2005

System Software by yogin 134 comments

1) thanks for planning to add it.

2) unless you wanted to be vendor neutral, I dont think it requires separate utility.
looking over the feature
"* orphaned files (files not found in RPM database)."
you are not vendor neutral.
IMHO, deborphan like utility should actually be part of big program like this, because they both have exactly same purpose.
And second thing, adding this support shoul not be really so difficult.

3) this is the most difficult part to implement, but this would be really kickass, if you could do this., it may take much time in designing,planning, getting enough information about how to implement and actual implementation.
But, believe me, the space gained by all other methods would be only 20% than the space gained by this method!
So it worths the hassle. The goal of the project should be to remove every file not accesses within certain reasonable time period, without breaking system package management database. - Nov 08 2005

System Software by yogin 134 comments

there must be some command of SCons which install the program.

that command may be specified as command line option to checkinstal - Nov 02 2005

System Software by yogin 134 comments

I have got some useful ideas about how to remove unneeded files.

1 .Check access time of files.

many packages on linux is installed by distribution, which the user even doesn't know and dont need. They can be identified by checking the access time of files. and then finding which packages own those files! Then remove those rpm packages.
I have got many MB free space just utilizing this method on /usr/lib with "find"

2. Show rpm packages without dependecny.

There are many rpm packages which are not required by any of the rpm. and many of them user have not installed intentionaly. Distributions install them in the hope that user would use them.
Then user can immediately identify those packages, which are not required by them. and because those rpms are not needed by any other rpm, then can remove them.

3. There are many many files in a rpm, which are absolutely never accessed at all. Only a few file are used by the system and rpm is installed for that tiny file in rpm.
for example, think, how many times any user uses the file in /usr/share/doc ?
There is a approach which can solve this trouble.
Replace all those files with a stub file. Then whenever those file, if ever, accessed, just give SIGSTOP signal to accessor process and then place that file back to there by extracting from the rpm.
this would require daemon running, which watches for file access (similar to FAM). - Nov 02 2005
Screenshots updated.
Actually, I tried to make The text look as good as Picture, otherwise, it would have not looked nice.
Initially I tried simple shadowing.
That didn't look much better, which you saw in screenshot.
Suddenly I remembered the "This month in SVN site"

It has extremely nice shadow effect, and then I tried to found, how?
I found through that page-source that CSS2 has a "text-shadow" property, which defines "blur" attribute. Certainly KHTML is rendering that property.
I found the code from and it was a function paintshadow(). Just lifted the code, and it worked nicely after some adjustment!!
I have hard-coded the blur and shadow offsets, as I didn't find it useful to provide it configurable.
Also, the colors of texts are got from the favicon displayed. May be one day I will make text multicolored, taken from favicon!! - Aug 05 2005
Resolved! - Aug 03 2005
There is a crash bug in this, which will be resolved in next release. - Jul 30 2005
Right now, I am busy in adding All the search engines, in a non-cluttering way :-) .
Will try to fulful your wish after that. :) - Jul 30 2005
Sorry about that.
The New release fixes it. - Jul 30 2005
thanks for bug report. Fixed. - Apr 18 2005
I would like it to be integrated into kde-3.5 :).
And integrating into main toolbar, well that is already there!try it.

Extra toolbar is only for extra actions. Obviously I cant clutter main toolbar much. - Apr 17 2005
Try again now. - Apr 14 2005

Utilities by cs19713 103 comments

What is the difference between this and ksystraycmd which comes with KDE?? - Apr 06 2005
icon missing bug is already sorted out.
redownload. - Apr 03 2005
Redownload and make rpm again.
BTW, me too working on Suse-9.2 with kde-3.4 :) - Mar 19 2005
Because the server was down. Try it now again. It is up. In fact, I am posting from that server itself :) - Mar 18 2005
redownload and install again.
Crashing I never encountered.
try again. - Mar 17 2005
redownload and build again. - Mar 17 2005
"finding of word by clicking button".
you didn't understand its meaning. ever saw mozilla googlebar or IE google toolbar? they find in current webpage, not google.
Try it/them once. - Mar 17 2005
See picture number 2 and 3. I think, now it should be clear, why there is need for a unobtrusive google toolbar.
To see google suggest in action, go to

and now, you can have more than just one google search.......hords of new search from one-click. (keyboard shortcuts, I don't think needed. if people want, I would add). - Mar 17 2005
Hope, the new auto-hide options save your life. Dont forget to remove konqueror search bar! - Mar 16 2005
There are some license issues with it.
Read it on mozilla googlebar. - Mar 16 2005
dont try ./configure

directly try make

and yes, after configure, make started.
there is some error in make, in some other language, which I cant read, So how can I fix them?? - Mar 16 2005
Icons has been added to link. It should be redownloaded. - Mar 16 2005
I have compiled this code on SuSE-9.1 with KDE-3.3beta2 and qt-3.3.1.

The function which is giving error, is because of findTextNext() and findText function code changes in KHTMLPart. In fact, in documentation of khtmlpart, it is written.

So if you want to compile it, please upgrade to at least beta2. the find function of searchbar(the new one in location bar) of konqueror is also not working now.

I am sorry, but I can't help, as I don't know how to accomodate with both releases, without testing it with previous release :(.

You can comment out that function in plugin_googlebar.cpp though :) - Aug 12 2004
Hey people, please give me feedback about how do you feel about this google toolbar?
I am thinking of making all in one toolbar like adding yahoo companion, may be other search-engines. the change of face of Google toolbar would be on the fly!
Also, plese tell me how to add icon installation support through kdevelop. - Aug 12 2004