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Vlad C
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by xfury 2 comments

Could you tell me where I can download the modified Kubuntu Window/Widget style that you're using in the screenshot? Thanks! - Nov 26 2006
Kicker Black

Kicker Panel by microchip 2 comments

This is a great background! Did you use GIMP or Inkscape to draw multiple layers? If so, could you upload the .xcf or .svg file? Thanks! - Nov 08 2006
Are there an SVG version of the buttons? Thanks! - Sep 24 2006

Dolphin Service Menus by yannux 2 comments

What window and button themes you using? I also like the icons on the desktop -- where did you get them?

Thanks! - Jun 13 2006

Network by tmichel 188 comments

Can KWlan be merged with KNetworkManager? - May 24 2006
LoGloss SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 44 comments

WOW! I think these icons are so good, they could integrate very well with the upcoming Oxygen Icon Theme ( that will be the default in KDE4.

I highly encourage you to contact the Oxygen Theme developers and try to work together in order to avoid duplicating work. If all works out well, your icons might appear on every computer that runs KDE! - Apr 21 2006
Basic Widget style and SVG Template

KDE 3.5 Themes by arenyart 12 comments

You should get in contact with Sandro Giessl (, author or the Plastik theme, since he is working on a new SVG-based theme called Cokoon ( that will be included in KDE4. - Mar 25 2006
Taskbar v2

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by SirYaro 9 comments

This is great! Have you considered submitting Taskbar v2 to be part of Plasma ( in KDE4? - Nov 21 2005
Intrigue Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by timothysaddress 55 comments

These look very good, and similar to what the KDE Appeal project:

has in mind for the Oxygen theme that's probably going to be the default in KDE 4.

I suggest you get in contact with them and work together! - Oct 04 2005
Etched Glass (mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by vladc 11 comments

Wow, that's a really good idea! I doubt people will notice the difference between Gaussian and Shift blurring. - Jul 20 2005
Etched Glass (mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by vladc 11 comments

The text is meant to make it easier for users to understand what the icon represents. The triangle under menu icon points up to where the menu will slide out when the icon is clicked. - Jul 19 2005
SuSE REvaline's Crystal Clear Green

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by regendra 11 comments

I would think this is the best way to contact SUSE: - Jul 16 2005
RH/FC buttons for kbfx

Icon Sub-Sets by Enso 4 comments

Thanks for the links! So I guess true transparency on window decorations is still some ways away.

Also, for shadows, I'm enabling Kompmgr that came with KDE 3.4, and it works OK (although a bit slow). - Jul 09 2005
SuSE Launch Menu for KBFX

Various Stuff by regendra 16 comments

Could you give the link to the background image? Thanks! - Jul 09 2005
SuSE REvaline's Crystal Clear Green

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by regendra 11 comments

This is so good, I wouldn't be surprised if SUSE wanted to include it in their default distribution.

I suggest you contact them and see what they say! - Jul 09 2005
black + white icons

Icon Sub-Sets by carpelinx 94 comments

These icons are extremely well thought-out and neatly drawn. Congrats!

I know the purpose of this icon set is be predominantely black and white, but I think it would be optimal if you added (sparingly) some color, like you did with cdimage.png (yellow CD) or exec_wine.png (Windows logo).

Also, the contrast in the header (for example, "SOURCE" in source_c.png) is so low that one really can't read it, IMHO. Try making the writing lighter.

Other than that, it's awesome! - Jul 09 2005
RH/FC buttons for kbfx

Icon Sub-Sets by Enso 4 comments

How did you get the window header to be translucent? Last I checked that's still on the Kwin wishlist:

It would be a welcome surprise if this has already been implemented! - Jul 06 2005
Session applet

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by kossebau 6 comments

Thanks for doing this! KDE really needs a well-thoughout session manager if it is to become a functional multi-user desktop.

Following are some suggestions for how to make the session manager easy to use:

1) Split the dropdown list vertically into two sides: the left side contains the user's icon (or photo!) and the right side contains the user's full name (not username, that's too cryptical).

2) The first item in the dropdown list contains the key-lock icon on the left side and "Lock Session" on the right side.

3) Remove the "Log In" item since all users of the system are already listed (see #1). All that needs to be done to log in as that user is to click on the appropriate user.

4) Remove the "Other Sessions" and "Current Sessions" labels since they are not needed. It is already understood that the "Lock Session" will lock the current session.

5) Remove the "Lock Current Session on Switch" item since it doesn't belong there: that option should be turned on by default and configurable from the Control Center.

5) When the mouse is over a user, the right side (which before contained the user's full name) will be split horizontally into two pieces: the top piece will contain the user's full name, and the bottom piece will contain the username.

You might be asking where the Shutdown item went. Well I think it deserves an applet of its own since it itself has multiple options: Logout, Turn off, Restart, Suspend. The two applets (Switch User and Shutdown) can be stacked on top of each other in the panel very nicely. When the icon of one of the applets is clicked, a dropdown menu will appear containing the appropriate options.

Please let me know what you think of these ideas - I'd be happy to clarify them if needed. - Jul 06 2005
Crystal icons for Licq

Icon Sub-Sets by Andron 3 comments

Nice! Just one unrelated question, though: how did you get the right-click menu to be transparent? - Jun 27 2005

Wallpaper Other by keefaz 2 comments

I love this wallpaper because it's brightness is pretty uniform, so white letters and light icons are visible no matter where they are dragged on the desktop. Plus, this wallpaper is really professional and easy on the eyes.

However, I was wondering whether you could come up with a version *without* the horizontal lines. This is because they tend to remind me of broken CRT monitors that have horizontal lines flowing through the screen. - Jun 13 2005
Virtual Filesystem

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by meneerdik 30 comments

Might be worth taking a look at and

I agree, the default should open to the user's home directory, but at the same time the user should be able to discover the network protocols by having the abilty to add them to their tree-view.

Konqueror should be smart enough to include network protocols that are already in use (for example, Samba or NFS shares that are already mounted), and at the same time give the user the ability to add new protocols. - Jan 21 2005