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May 05 2018
Hi, is there support for title capture via OBS studio VLC media extension? Trying to capture song title and artist via a text file but the VLC extension is triggered via OBS. Any help appreciated. - Dec 27 2018
Thanks for your reply. Okay, still having issues with VLC extension in OBS Studios, when using advanced media options with monitor only (mute output) it makes the music really soft in stream but with it off its all fine.

Further to this i see the output files now but the content is empty in the files. Mind you media is played via the VLC extension with OBS Studios.

Please help.

URGENT!!! - Sep 11 2018
Is there still support for this? I've added the .lua to the folder and the extension in OBS is running. Unsure how to restart the plugin. And no output files can be found. - Sep 09 2018