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Sorry. I can`t read all the trhead and THANKS! because i did do it
when i have a bit of time im gonna make better the background he he - Oct 26 2010
I dont understand . Its possible change the rings and the squares for another images ?? And how? because i modify the file of qtcurve theme with another image and this not work. I have qt curve 1.6.4 - Oct 26 2010

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csgib here the file 2mandvd_en.ts rename like 2mandvd_es_AR.ts this file contain the translation 2ManDVD in Spanish Argentinian (EspaƱol Argentino jeje)

I hope this translation is Ok and works fine cause i can't probed (My computer is in the mechanical for Micro Amd warranty jeje ...i want my computer :( )

See you later! - Apr 03 2009

Utilities by csgib 344 comments

Really Thank You for you answer i apreciate much the answer and all you job.
Know it this program is a JEWEL of PROGRAMATION ;-)!

Really Thanks for you explication about the buttons....THANK YOU FOR THIS FABOLOUS PROGRAM!! :) :) :)
- Mar 24 2009

Utilities by csgib 344 comments

Sorry Good Luck :P - Mar 22 2009

Utilities by csgib 344 comments

Oh my god i really cry when i saw this jewel of programation on my OpenSuse REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE 2MANDVD and i dont believe this program run in linux is really profesional and good for the eyes saw this artistic interface.
I dont lie if i said this program is the best i see in all interfaces i used is practicle and works fine i almost all the cases.
But (because alway there is a but) exist one thing not advance for mi on this beatifull version and this is some of the buttons.

The program still no change a image button qhen it is pressed or select . I mean i select some button (image) and this change.

If this program incluide the psobility to do this and put video clips likes buttons this REALLY exceeds my expectatives y exceed the QDVDauthor

Sorry for my inglish and sorry for my "review" i know bothers the critics but i not pas the opportunity to say what i love this program , and his misiisng things.

Good Bye an Really GOOD LOOK - Mar 22 2009

by csgib

Mar 22 2009