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Victor Nilsson Lund, Sweden

Ice-WM Themes by untouchable89 4 comments

First, my comment was just about the window decorations -- IceWM theme.

I use the same wording "BeOS inspired" in describing my pekwm theme, which means (I like to think) that it's not look-like. This is my point.

I do not question the effort in creating the "BEOS-inspired-theme" pack, or that it is right doing.

I have to admit that the titlebar buttons are more different at the pixel level than I first thought. But I still think they're "based on" BeOS, even if they're not copied, and even if you could restrain yourself from zooming in a screenshot and picking colours of pixels. At least, you have a very clear idea of how these buttons look at the pixel level and base your drawing on that. Drawing quite identical buttons from scratch is easier than finding the original images.

Writing thousands of lines of code in Haiku is not based on the actual thing being recreated. - Mar 23 2010

Ice-WM Themes by untouchable89 4 comments

I would say based on. Haiku is inspired by BeOS R5, not based on it. Not your wording, I know. - Mar 23 2010

Pek-WM Themes by vnils 4 comments

No, I think my web host had a downtime. - Oct 04 2007