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Jul 07 2007
Right click where it is transparent, and click Reload.

-vince - Jan 15 2007
Tell me if that helps? Does everything save now except for the theme ( clock and clock hands ) ?
-vince - Jan 06 2007
Thanks, looks like I'm going to be writing my own config utils then... - Jan 05 2007
Everything, but the theme ( clock and clock hands) should be saving...
Are the other options not being saved? - Jan 05 2007
Did you disable the second hand? If you do so, it should only update once per minute, which should keep your CPU usage down. What speed is your CPU? - Jan 05 2007
Well, it would be nice, but it would take a bit of work. I've planed on cleaning up the menu config, adding size config and general transparency first. Then we'll see.

-vince - Jan 01 2007
No thanks, I've got icons made, just haven't taken the time to package it up yet. - Dec 30 2006
Done, it updates now every 10 seconds if you disable the second hand...should lighten X's CPU load - Dec 29 2006
Not sure if you can get too much lower. The python script is only resizing the hands when they move, so that saves CPU cycles. I'm getting ~0.7% usage on my Athlon64 2.3Ghz. I changed the file to enable/disable shadows, thats takes my CPU down to ~.3%... - Dec 29 2006