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Pascal E Uelzen, Germany

Plasma 4 Extensions by munglaub 12 comments

first off, your plasmoid is great, was searching for something like that.
Since today it does not work for me (i updated the system before).
It says:
Result of expression 'textdata.push'[undefined] is not a function.
But its not the same problem as the one already fixed here; i did a "print(textdata)" after line 136, and it said:
This seems to be related with
I wonder if you could implement an alternative way to save the entries to a separate file (as already requested). This would bypass this bug and in addition would be a nice feature.
Anyway, i would be happy if i could implement it myself, but i don't know how to save files with Javascript, maybe you can help me with that? ;)
Regards, Pascal - Jun 23 2011

Amarok 2.x Scripts by felixhummel 4 comments

Thank you for this nice script! I would be lost without it since i cant use delete current playing track. - Oct 17 2010
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Icon Sub-Sets
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Amarok 2.x Scripts
by felixhummel

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