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Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

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Nov 20 2008
Hahaha, I used to hate that brown usplash!
Well, usplash-smooth will primarily focus on the current official themes, but you can always create you old-style retro brown usplash if you want! It's really easy and version 0.5 will come with a nice documentation making things even easier! Just watch out! - Nov 26 2008
Thank you a lot! - Nov 26 2008
It is already created and will be released with version 0.5 real soon now!
Just keep watching here and you will be surprised!! - Nov 26 2008
Usplash-smooth will primarily focus on the default themes, but it isn't too hard to create your own personalized ubuntu usplash theme!
Version 0.5 due to release really soon now comes complete with documentation teaching you how to create a theme, so that you can put your skills into creating one that only you will have in the whole world!!
Unless you decide to upload it here, to, of course!!! - Nov 26 2008
This package is for Intrepid Ibex!
It shouldn't even install in Feisty by the way.
But if you managed to install it somehow, type this in the command line to uninstall it:

$ sudo aptitude purge usplash-smooth - Nov 20 2008
Thank you!
I must admit... I am flattered... really!
So flattered that now that I'd like to write something catchy, nothing comes to mind! Oops! - Nov 20 2008
You have made your own theme blue?
That's great news!

Why don't you adapt it to use usplash-smooth?
The instructions are in the directory /usr/share/usplash-smooth

It would be great if there were more themes using these functions!
Version 0.5 will be dedicated to theme creators as yourself, but you can jump ahead
and create a usplash-smooth version of your own theme right now!
And maybe even post it here, in!! - Nov 20 2008
Thank you!
Well, the kubuntu theme will be available a short time after version 0.4
And... guess what... it's blue! - Nov 19 2008
Thank you for the support!
The next version will be out soon!

About the Gnome Splash...
I don't know.

I am good at coding, not drawing!
Let's see what comes out of this first! - Nov 19 2008
Thank you a lot!
About the filesystem check... it's a priority for version 0.4!
Stay tuned! - Nov 18 2008
I really don't know about your problem, but I know about the other things!

To reactivate the text in usplash, just remove the "quiet" from your kernel entry in /boot/grub/menu.lst ... but this has the side effect of displaying a LOT of text before usplash kicks in.

And yes! The hardy usplashes I have used up to now are compatible with Intrepid! - Nov 18 2008
Ok, version 0.2 is out!
This should fix your problem!
Enjoy, and please report any other bugs! - Nov 17 2008
I found the bug.
I'll be fixing this right now.
And I'll post the updated version later today!
Thank you a lot! - Nov 17 2008
Let's suppose that your boot takes 30 seconds.

If Ubuntu decides to check for errors, the progress bar will fill up in 30 seconds and stay filled until Gnome starts.

But in the next boot without file checking, the progress bar will take mitutes to fill up (because of the previous slow boot) and when Gnome starts, the progress bar will still be very little.

In the third boot, everything is back to normal.


The time-based progress bar is just aesthetics. It does not change your boot process in any way.

But that was a good point. In a future version I might detect the filesystem check and ignore the time of that specific boot!

Thank you! - Nov 17 2008
Oxygen Refit 2

Full Icon Themes 50 comments

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Jul 22 2010
I created an account just to tell you how awesome this iconset is. I discovered it through the semi-official modded version, and I know that without your work to bring it to GNOME, none of these great icons would have been in my desktop now! Congratulations! - Sep 05 2008
Oxygen-Refit 2 - Black Version

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Jul 16 2008
I created an account just to say this is one of the best mod-works I have seen here in gnome-look. It's very complete, awesomely beautiful, and works perfectly! Congratulations for all your colored Oxygen icon sets! - Sep 05 2008