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by Volki
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Sep 28 2008
It's not using the qtpropertybrowser dll

You have to include limits.h if you couldn't find INT_MAX. The docs batch file only works if you have doxygen installed and available through your PATH environment settings - Jun 15 2010
LGPL is fine - Nov 17 2009
You can use underscores to insert spaces - May 20 2009
It might be better for strings to have the property not set immediately, but on the other hand it can be useful to have immediate updates for example when changing the position property of some graphics. In this case I want to set the change immediately after changing the value. - Apr 26 2009
You can add dynamic properties using the setProperty command of QObject. Those properties should be shown by the QPropertyEditor too. I haven't tested that intensively but despite the manually handling of the QDynamicPropertyChangeEvent it should work.

Not sure if that's the answer to your question, if not you have to make a little bit more clear, what's your problem. - Dec 11 2008
Thanks for the hint, I changed it and uploaded it again (although it currently seems, that the new file is not yet updated at qt-apps, because if I download it, it still returns the old version). - Sep 28 2008
Should be no problem. Do you have a concrete question? Did you check the Vec3f custom property? - Sep 28 2008
Hm, the plugins may be a problem. Perhaps some of your code is using dynamic casts or qobject casts that may result in problems. You can check the Horde3D Editor that makes intensive use of this library - Jul 14 2008
I can't reproduce the problem. What was the exact Q_CLASSINFO you used?

The only thing I can think of, is that you are using Linux. If I remember correctly, the values were not accepted if you just leave the focus. You had to press return. But that might be a problem in Qt itself or the user interface concept of KDE. I don't know.

Regarding the Q_ENUMS, that shouldn't be a big problem to add. - Jul 14 2008
You can add a QTreeView in the Designer and replace it with a custom class. In this case you have to specify QPropertyEditorWidget as the new class derived from QTreeView.

I think the Sample Application is quite simple. You should be able to find out how to integrate the library into your own project from it. - Mar 31 2008
The Horde3D Scene Editor

Graphic Apps 2 comments

by Volki
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Apr 24 2008
Undefined references to what? - Apr 29 2008