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Vaclav Slavik
Elementary remix

GTK2 Themes by golan 37 comments

Thanks a lot! - Apr 01 2010
Elementary remix

GTK2 Themes by golan 37 comments


can one download the wallpapers (and especially the one from the first screenshot) anywhere? The wallpaper download link goes to similar, but different, wallpaper without the nice texture... - Apr 01 2010
Argh, sorry for wasting your time like that! I didn't realize Gentoo's ebuild use it (not that it's any excuse) :-/ Thanks for your help and sorry again!

Vaclav - Mar 23 2008
2.12.9 (and it was the same with several older versions), it's present in 2.12.0 too, w/ xorg-x11 7.2. I'm lost at what other relevant difference there could be (it doesn't seem to be in QtCurve settings either, I tried Klearlooks and it's the same). - Mar 21 2008
It's visible in _any_ GTK+ app, the problem is that it's sometimes just a brief flicker. It helps to try e.g. wxGTK apps, they have longer startup time (e.g. Poedit or Audacity). Abusing Valgrind for the sole purpose of slowing the app down helps too, it's visible for >1sec if I do "valgrind gtk-demo" (normally, it's barely noticeable with gtk-demo even if you know what to look for). FWIW, here's how it looks like:

I'm using Metacity 2.21.21 in compoziting mode, but I observed the same behavior in 2.20 w/o compoziting as well as under Compiz and with no WM at all. I don't see it under KWin either.

KGtk: no. - Mar 21 2008
Hi again,

there's a strange bug in QtCurve-GTK2 (in the latest version and several previous too, but I don't remember since when it appears, unfortunately):

When an application starts, a small (~100x100?) window is shown in on the screen and stays there until app's first window is shown, then it disappears. This does *not* happen with other styles, like Clearlooks, it's specific to QtCurve.

It's best seen in apps that start slowly, sometimes it's seen with GIMP. One way to see it nicely is to open a large PNG image in GIMP (2.4.5) and press Ctrl-S. This apparently launches some other process that doesn't show any windows, so this weird window is shown for the entirely duration of saving the image.

The only idea I have is this: GTK/GDK supports the concept of "group leader" and if one isn't set, it's implicitly created internally. It's probably not realized or shown normally, but it looks like maybe QtCurve somehow causes the window to be realized.

Any idea what's going on? - Mar 20 2008
Yes, exactly. Pity it was removed (I thought it was there at some point, but attributed it to me misremembering things), it makes big usability difference for the expanders (comparable to the effect it already has on the splitters/dividers between paned widgets - they're hardly visible without it). - Mar 10 2008

is it possible to configure QtCurve to do GTK-style mouse-over highlighting of all active controls (in particular, checkboxes, radiobuttons, expanders) and not just buttons? It's very useful particularly with expanders, where it provides much-needed feedback that the expander label is clickable... I couldn't find it in configuration UI, but them, I couldn't figure out how to configure Klearlooks-like tabs either... - Mar 10 2008
Yes, this is entirely wxWidgets' fault - it's drawing the list headers as GtkButton. I'll try to fix it in time for wx-2.8.5 (no promises, though). - Jun 20 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by tipote 67 comments

This bug in the pager applet was partially fixed in KDE 3.5.6: - Feb 21 2007

do you have any plans for Qt4 support?

I currently know only about two unified-look themes, but unfortunately none of the is quite complete:

* QtCurve lacks Qt4 support

* Clearlooks is reasonably well implemented in Qt 4.2, is in GTK+ (of course) and even Mono has Clearlooks theme... but there's no Qt3 style for it (the one on based on QtCurve is a bad joke). - Feb 20 2007
Crystal Clear

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 199 comments

What's the licence of this great icons set? - Jul 23 2005
KWin drop shadow patches

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Deciare 134 comments

Very nice patch! What I miss is full integration, it is still visible that it is an addition -- the shadow doesn't show when you're dragging a window around and it only appears a little after the window shows up, instead of appearing at the same time as the window.
There's also a rendering artifact when dragging a window sometimes: put two windows on the desktop so that they partially overlap (i.e. one window cover the edge of another one) and start dragging the top window away. When you uncover the shadow of the bottom window, part of the window that previously covered it will be visible there instead of proper shadow. - Mar 20 2004