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Alberto Palillo , Italy
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Graphic Apps 26 comments

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Aug 12 2010
Sorry for my bad english.
In italian language the word "free" can be translated in two different ways: gratis and libero.
Beer is "gratis" if no payment is requested; in democratic countries the speech is (or should be) "libero".
In italian we say "software libero" not "sofware gratis" when we speak of "free sofware".
Is perfecly legitimate to ask for a payment for sofware libero. - Mar 18 2013
KParts Plugin

Browser 139 comments

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Jul 23 2012
Very,very good work.
Many thanks! - May 28 2012
Sorry for my poor english.
If I want blacklist a mime type, I click on "supported mime types". The "application" list is more bigger than screen dimensions and a lot of mime types are unreachable, out of screen.
Would be better if the lists were sliding rather than fixed.
Thanx - Feb 17 2012

Office Apps 54 comments

by b0noI
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Jul 18 2011
The program works well.
Thank you. - Jun 24 2011
Same error on my Arch Linux 64bit - Jun 23 2011
Device Manager

Plasma 4 Extensions 175 comments

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Sep 01 2009
I have same problem with archlinux and KDE 4.3.1 - Sep 25 2009
OPAK for KWin

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 11 comments

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Sep 27 2007
Hi, I've installed opak on a slackware 11, a slackware 12 and a mandriva 2007.1. In all distros, not always but often, a little white line is visible between the iconify and restore buttons, as you can see here:
Sorry for my poor english. - Dec 07 2007