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Bradley Schlangen
Silver XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 62 comments

Your X server is using a software drawn cursor.

You need to check your XF86config-4 file look for the device section that Identifies your video card and enter Option "HWCursor" and remove Option "SWCursor" that should do it. That is of course if your video card supports it. - Apr 16 2003
3 Lil Penguins in a bubble

Wallpaper Other by webfiend2000 5 comments

I wish I could give you the layered edition but I never thought I'd use the image again for modification. Once I merged the layers thats all she wrote I saved it that way.

Maybe in my later wallpapers I'll provide an unmerged edition for people to freely modify.

Thanks for the input, feedback is always welcome! - Feb 14 2003
Gel-Grip by Webfiend2000

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by webfiend2000 5 comments

To get the desired tab effect that is described above all you need to do is simply rename the tab.png to tabdown.png and the tapdown.png to tab.png

or copy and paste this in xterm(or any terminal) in the Gel-Grip Folder

cd /style/pixmaps/gelgrip
rename tab.png temp.png
rename tabdown.png tab.png
rename temp.png tabdown.png

Now the window background can be modified by editing the background.png file located in "Gel-Grip/style/pixmaps/gelgrip/" Folder.

- Feb 14 2003

Wallpaper Other by webfiend2000 2 comments

Yes, I admire Japanese art and script, and this wallpaper remindsme of the Neon lights in the cities. - Feb 09 2003
3 Lil Penguins in a bubble

Wallpaper Other by webfiend2000 5 comments

This was almost entirely by hand one one filter used and that was to get the scanline effect on the backmost layer

And a comment to the man above, Thats why people have the ability to choose what they like. If you want to comment at least add something worth reading. - Feb 06 2003