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Andreas Andreas Wallberg
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Debian Wallpaper

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Apr 30 2005
It looks very good on a 1280x1024 TFT. I've replace my old wallpaper.

By the way, would it be possible for you to recreate a "wide" version using the 15.4" laptop resolution 1680x1050. Rescaling this one is not as good as the "real thing".

Kudos! - Apr 30 2005
Konqueror search/filter field idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 30 comments

by WedDa
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Nov 14 2004
Exactly! Just as in kmail.

The default directory should be the present one, or you could simply specify another directory.

I have a LOT of scientific documents here and there in my home directory, and even though I try to use different software for managing articles and so on, I always end up having my filesystem as database. As most such files have informative names (e.g., Collins_metazoa_1998.pdf), it would be very nice to just type "metazoa" in the field and narrow the selection of files down to all files named *metazoa*, and locate *metazoa* files in nested directories if the search is recursive.

I am (sadly) not a programmer myself, so I do not know how to implement this. But considering that there A) already is a "Google-field" and B) already is a locate protocol (see above) around it should not be too difficult for a person more clever than I to try out merging those projects. I guess a new search field would be the nicest thing, but even having the option to switch the web search to local search in the Google field would be perfectly fine as well. - Nov 13 2004
That is exactly what I am looking. Though, I want to have it in a separate search field and not have to type "locate: whatever", just "whatever" :-) - Nov 13 2004
I run Konq 3.3.0 and can not find it anywhere. The "Google-field" with web shortcuts, while highly configurable, does not provide this as far as I can see. - Nov 13 2004

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by bk12
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Sep 17 2007

Great app. I really like it. The image smoothing is very useful to make digicam images look nice even at high magnifications. Actually, the smoothing implemented in Gwenview is the best I have ever seen and I have not been able to produce as good a result in Gimp for instance. It would be very nice to be able to save/export a smoothened image from Gwenview, or turn the smoothing into a general plugin or small command-line application on its own. Waddoyathink? - Nov 13 2004