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Jul 15 2009
Who's voting this down? I'll go to your houses and...

Kidding :D

Kidding aside, good job. Continue developing this. Exciting work :) - Sep 15 2009
Aurora Gtk Engine

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Jan 03 2009
A BIG +1 - Sep 04 2009
Thanks. I found the answer here

Apparently, it's not an engine thing - Sep 02 2009
I am going to take making Aurora themes seriously. However, I do not have resources other than other Aurora theme gtkrc's.

Where else could I learn about making themes on Aurora? Where can I find all engine options and other relevant information? =) - Aug 31 2009
Will ECHM still continue working on this? This is such a great project. Murrine is getting the attention because of the development it's getting. To be honest, I prefer this over any engine.

Does anyone want to contribute to developing this? I'm willing to if I only have a mentor.

Just made Shiki-Aurora out of this engine

This is offtopic but how can I make the scrollbars thinner? Something as thick as clearlooks' would be nice - Aug 31 2009
The Aurora engine is very beautiful but there's room for improvement. I hope to see this become lighter because it eats up too much cpu.

I also want to see a hybrid theme (half-dark, half-light) out of this engine. - Apr 09 2009

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Sep 01 2009
This icon theme needs more attention. This deserves to be in Karmic. It's better than Breath and Humanity - Aug 29 2009

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Aug 03 2009
I prefer chocolate over poo! I love you! haha

This is the kind of warm, earthy look and feel that doesn't make me feel blue. This should be the default Human color scheme.

As for the name, I know that it's influenced by the Dust theme but I think, the word dust has a negative connotation. I prefer something like Shiki-Earth or Shiki-Warm. Just my two cents.

Great job! Keep it up! - Jun 21 2009
You never fail to amuse us =)

I've been ranting about Shiki-Dust for a while.hahaha - Jun 20 2009
I understand your point. I actually failed to think of that soon enough. I just don't think it's necessary to exert effort for the global menu applet because I don't find it very useful. Perhaps, I would reconsider when they manage to make it truly global which won't happen soon because they would have to work with too many toolkits. - May 26 2009
Nvm. I don't think it's worth it. Hehe. I easily gave up on using it. hehe - May 15 2009
Can you create a metacity that is (more) friendly to global menu applet? :) - May 15 2009
It looks less awkward on apps without menu bars now. Good job. I'm using it now.

:) - Apr 29 2009
Yeah. My point for having a semi-unified menubar is to have an obvious break for the metacity so it would look even less awkward for apps without menu bars. It would also help for the usability of apps with menu bars because users would know where the window manager ends. Hence, it would be easier for them to determine where to click for them to drag the window. - Apr 16 2009
Okay. If you find the clearlooks gradients too evident, the murrine ones are more subtle. I'm using the murrine version now. I'm loving it too. I kinda prefer clearlooks' rubbery gradient feel but the murrine style also fits Shiki. The reason why I chose murrine over clearlooks (for now) is its being light. Is it really lighter?

I have comments on the previews page, too, btw. :) - Apr 15 2009
I failed to mention. One of the advantages of having no stripe on the metacity is greater customizability of Shiki. The user can now change the color scheme without worrying about the stripe. :D - Apr 13 2009
Why did you disable gradient toolbars by default? One of the things I like most about some gtk engines like Clearlooks and Aurora is the gradient toolbar.

This looks good to me

Thanks for making Shiki easy to edit, by the way. :) - Apr 13 2009
I have a new idea. Is it possible to have a semi-unified menubar and metacity? What I mean is this . In the screenshot, it shows a semi-unified metacity and Firefox toolbar. It would look really cool if it would be the case of the menubar and metacity in Shiki. This way, apps without menubars would look even more elegant. :) - Apr 12 2009
Nvm. They can be distinguished after all. It wouldn't be so bad to test the stripe in the new metacity, though. - Apr 11 2009
Strong! That's what I have been looking for! :)

Have you tried adding stripes to the new metacity?

Also, it may be hard to determine whether the window is active or inactive because it solely depends on the text and icons on the metacity. You may try making the active window have the stripes while the inactive ones don't.

Good job, as usual. That's why I still haven't replaced the "The best GNOME theme I have ever seen so far" thread. ;) - Apr 11 2009
This is kinda what I mean - Apr 10 2009
I have a suggestion for this issue, a flat metacity. Flat, as in, gradient-free. Other hybrid themes' metacity don't look as awkward for those without menubars because there is no sudden change of gradients. If the shiki metacity did not have gradients, I htink, it would resolve this issue. It has to be tested first, though.

Regards. - Apr 09 2009

As I was thinking of ways to make windows without menu bars look better, I stumbled upon the classic Dust theme. Why don't you do something with the gradients for them to look less awkward for those without menu bars? I think, you can shape the metacity gradients similar to Dust's or something like that.

Regards. - Mar 28 2009
Thanks. I understand. I'll let you know if I figure out a way to fix this.

Offtopic: though there is no version change, I noticed that Shiki changed particularly in GNOME's volume control. The volume scrolls now have weird dark gray outlines. This is a bug, I suppose. I'm on the Clearlooks version, btw. - Mar 28 2009
I have no issue that's exclusive with Firefox. It's just for all apps without menu bars (like tomboy which I use every day).

The window border+menu bar is the "black thing" on windows with menu bars while the window border alone is the "black thing" in windows without menu bars. The "black thing" in windows with menu bars fit the theme well because the gradients smoothly change from top to bottom. However, the gradients of the "black thing" of windows without menu bars did not end "smoothly". They just ended with a sudden color change to gray, which doesn't look as stylish as the former.

Did I explain it well? hehe - Mar 26 2009
I hope, Shiki won't be as weird for apps without menu bars in the next version. On Firefox, I'm using the nice extension that autohides the menu bar. However, it looks odd on Shiki.

I am looking forward to a solution to this. I know, there will be a way. - Mar 26 2009
It's very nice but I find the font too cartooney. It makes the feel the computer informal. Maybe, it's better to use a more conventional font. It would also be nice if the hostname would be displayed. - Mar 17 2009
Is there already an ETA for updates?

I suggest the use of the latest Nodoka on the next version. (See ) - Feb 27 2009

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Sep 25 2009
Great update! I'm looking forward to updates like this. I hope that the folder icons would also be upgraded the same way. They're almost like the Mango icons especially the music icons :D - May 16 2009
Hmm. As far as I remember, I posted a reply here but I can't see it. Oh well.

The usplash is really nice. I just think that the font is too informal. I think, a more professional font would fit better because the computer could look sort of kiddie with that font.

How does it look if there's no verbose? Just like how it is on the screenshot? If it is, I think, the black space in between would look awkward. - Mar 29 2009
I upgraded Shiki-Colors with your Ubuntu app assuming that it would upgrade GNOME Colors. I noticed that GNOME Do's icon changed but I can't see the new color scheme. Doesn't that get installed by default? Does the Ubuntu script upgrade me to ver. 3.0?

Also, I suggest having a manilla/brownish icon theme that would work better with Shiki-dust and other dust-based themes. :) - Mar 25 2009
Nodoka Dust

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Feb 07 2009
Here you go. Sorry if my file host of choice is kinda lame. I don't know what to use. hehe

By the way, it seems that the Abiword bug is due to my version of Nodoka. I did not get it from the git because there were dependency issues. I can live with it though. Jaunty's just right around the corner so I would be reinstalling the engine again. - Apr 08 2009
I managed to adjust things on my own. I fixed the bugs that I was complaining about except the Abiword bug. I was planning to fork it with the name "Dawn Nodoka" (because I don't like "Dust", which can have a negative connotation).

I have the scrollbars exactly the way I like here.

I'm hoping that you be active with this theme again. This is my current favorite and I think that this is your best work so far. If you're really done with this, I hope you can help me improve Dawn Nodoka.

Here's Dawn Nodoka

Regards - Apr 07 2009
Can someone help me change the scrollbars to the ordinary Nodoka scrollbars? Been playing with the gtkrc but I just messed it up. - Mar 30 2009
It's been a while. I hope, this project is still alive. Fixing the scrollbar bug in openoffice and the Abiword bug would mean a lot. - Mar 23 2009
I noticed that tomboy doesn't have the dark toolbar. What do I do to the gtkrc to get that?

Also, I found a bug in Abiword. Some of the drop-down menus are darker than they should be. - Feb 11 2009
You're impressive. You update very quickly. I post a comment then get a new version after some hours. Haha!

I just noticed another bug, though. Scrollbars don't look as intended in Maybe, you can try the classic Nodoka scrolls. I suggest a scrollbar theme that would fit the rest of the look. The scrollbar is flat and 2D while the rest of Nodoka dust has nice deep gradients.

I also noticed that some colors can't be adjusted with gnome-appearance-properties. I want to try other color schemes but I can't because the toolbars won't follow the colors. You may want to check that.

Thanks again! :) - Feb 08 2009
My radio buttons and checks are still blue. How do I change them? I already changed the bg color but it's still blue. - Feb 08 2009
Theme is exceptional. There's just one obvious thing that I want to be changed here: the scrollbars. It's difficult to perfect the dust style scrollbars. Please use the classic Nodoka scrollbars instead or simply have another version of the theme with the Nodoka scrollbars. The dust style scrollbars don't look polished to me because the buttons don't seem to be in the center and the up buttons seem to be bigger than the down buttons because when I scroll to the top-most part, there's a bigger space for the up button than the down button.

Excellent theme, though. I hope, more people realize the beauty of modern Nodoka. - Feb 05 2009

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Apr 07 2009
I must say, it's very bug-free. It looks good on openoffice, evolution, abiword, and qgtkstyle (bug-prone apps). - Apr 07 2009
Good artwork.

I have some suggestions. The metacity fits the theme well but it has a usability issue as the buttons are too small and are hard to click. You might want to adjust it. The same thing goes for the scrollbars. They look really good but are hard to click because they are too thin.

Keep up the good work. - Apr 07 2009

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Apr 02 2009
I also noticed that the gray color is too light so there is little contrast between it and the white text making GNOME Do hard to read.

Radio buttons are also cut. Please take a look at theme.

Still, very good job! - Apr 03 2009
You're a design genius! However, we should also focus more on usability.

It's very heavy. It requires emerald so I suggest a metacity theme because emerald eats up additional RAM. I also suggest a version without the backgrounds. I find the Pidgin background very heavy too. I removed it because it's hardly usable. I hope, you can find ways to make it lighter. Something as light as shiki-colors would be nice. hehe

I found a bug, btw. Selected tabs aren't lit up so one wouldn't know if a tab is currently selected.

Also, I believe that the OpenSuSE 11 Gilouche is a better suited icon theme.

Great work! This is one of my favorites! :) - Apr 03 2009
Ubuntu Dust

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Sep 08 2008
My golly. Medyo active ako sa bug reporting dito pero kung di dahil sayo, di ko malalaman na pinoy ang gumawa! hahahaha

More power sating lahat :) - Mar 30 2009

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Mar 01 2010
How did you get the icons on the 2nd screenshot? That's Mango on jimmac, I suppose. Where can I get those? :) - Feb 26 2009