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Mateus Luna
Please help me! I've just installed the latest version of faenza, and then I tried to reinstall your libreoffice icons, but it just changed my faenza icons to the gnome default icons, except for the folders icons and the panel monos... Any way to undo the script??? - Mar 28 2011
LibreOffice Faenza Icons [inofficial]

Icon Sub-Sets by funnyguy 24 comments

yeah, other bad news for me... It looks that with BrOffice it doesn't put the icons on the menu...

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU............. - Feb 06 2011
LibreOffice Faenza Icons [inofficial]

Icon Sub-Sets by funnyguy 24 comments

It's just for the docks right? Well, that's Ok for now.Really good Work!!!!

But I have an old problem here, and I would like to know if someone has any idea of how to fix...

I use BrOffice, ant the BrOffice team now is part of the LibreOffice project also, so when I instaled the LibreOffice for Brazil, it cames with BrOffice splash and logos... Well, actually the logo is the same, but even when we used the version of OpenOffice it had a kind of problem of localization for the icons, because it doesn't find the icons of the theme I instaled (faenza) for docky, it open the icon of gnome for documents of text ... in a small png.

But It seems that when we open a new document by the menu, it finds the correct icon. When I open a recent text from it, it stills the correct icon. But when I open a second document... ugly icon!

I think I should change this icon path at some place in Broffice configuration, but I don't have idea of what to do...

Any suggestion?

P.S. Forgive me any error. As I said, I'm from Brazil, and my english is not very good.... - Feb 04 2011