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J A , United Kingdom

Full Icon Themes by sora 176 comments

I have the 'Dhutdown' applet on my panel and that is still coloured not black (using the dark version)

Also, my Tomboy notes normally lives in my panel - could that have a simple icon so that it doesn't look strange next to my other panel icons

Finally, the gnome-power-manager icon has a coloured green battery when fully charged not a nice black and white one.

The theme is awesome - Finally I've stopped messing around trying to find the perfect one - if these few things were corrected it would be unbeatable!

So, thanks for making the theme! - Nov 25 2008
Greenome Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by decorebelo 12 comments

This is sweet! I really like it and I'd love yo know what tools you used for it. Could you post the 'source' images (i.e the .xcf or .psd or whatever...) so we can have a look around?

Thanks - Aug 14 2008
gtk2-engine-pixbuf (Patched)

GTK2 Themes by walmis 28 comments

This looks cool, have you sent the patch upstream?

If you haven't already (I couldn't see that anyone had...) open a bug in bugzilla ( and attach the patch :)

- May 27 2008
nuoveXT 2

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 70 comments

I really agree. I've asked quite a few times to get the SVGs. Saki, if you're reading please release them.

I think svgs are good because
1. People can easily make icons for specific applications --> better consistency (i.e combine original icons, etc)
2. People can learn from them!
3. We can have sharper icons if we're using obscure sizes
4. It is not in spirit of GPL not to release source! They were made with OS software... Technically they are GPLd themselves
- Jan 02 2008
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes by ECHM 346 comments

In response to your request for feedback on the visual elements:

1. Knob on sliders:
I think this looks slightly out of place. I wonder if it should be closer in colour to the buttons?

I find these a little too 'bublly' and think they might look better if the ends (the arrows) where closer in size to the actual bar in the centre. (i.e make the bounding box 1px thiner on eaxh side)

The Clearlooks people have found that being able to turn on/off the graduent on the tabs is a popular option. Can you do that on Aurora?

I really like the theme, but you _did ask_ for feedback :) - Nov 07 2007

Plymouth Themes by luinux22 3 comments

Is a logo SVG you can use so you don't get the gradient around the edge that looks untidy - May 19 2007
nuoveXT 2

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 70 comments


This looks like it'll be a great icon set!

Can you please release the sources for it? If not this then NuoveXT-1.6 which was GPL licensed, as I remember...

I think releasing sources makes it much easier for people to do their own application icons that fit in with your theme - if any distribution was considering using NuoveXT then it would greatly increase the chances of them being able to use NuoveXT and get all apps consistent...Some people even get employment from distro vendors...

I also find SVG icons _really_ useful to learn from (and I think we could help lots of younger artists like this) - I often pick apart tango svgs to learn more about making good icons.

I guess you're familiar with the way a lot of authors wanting to protect the name and credit for their work (which you totally deserve!) ask for people to make derivatives with different names (eg Bitstream Vera Sans) and give credit (eg anything CC-Atribution). - May 02 2007
Ubuntu Glossy Orange

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Noobuntu 17 comments

You've made better use of that logo than I ever did!

I reckon if you too the SVG version and made the glosss on the text more like the one on the lopoo it'd look better - that text gloss was not my favourite :) - Jan 27 2007
Ubuntu Human User List

GDM Themes by Stemp 17 comments

When we made the GDM for Edgy we were careful to ensure the logo was right in the centre of the glow, it looks much better there - perhaps if you are going to add a face browser it would lok better to move the centre of the glow too...

- Oct 28 2006
Ubuntu Start Buttons

Various Gnome Stuff by mhancoc7 14 comments

The artwork is good - It doesn't fit my desktop but technically, it is good work :) - did you make them from scratch or use the Windows images - perhaps you are being voted down because people think there is no more work than taking a screenshot involved in the post

If that is the case then my rant below is irrelevant :P

Until we as a community can learn to be objective about what is good about other operating systems we stand very little chance of moving forward. Child like reflexes against things coming from Windows are not helpful to the community.

This kind of behaviour would be obsurd in other areas - you can't imagine a car manufacturer using square wheels just because someone else is using round ones. Ideas should be rated on merit

I wonder what made me so moody :) - Aug 15 2006
Perfect Night

Wallpaper Other by ahawks 2 comments

Have you considered submitting this to the ubuntu-art team as a potential alternate wallpaper (we have specific direction to keep default wallpaper abstract not a photo)? I think it is very good.


I think it would need to bt CC-ShareAlike (and I don't know if the other bits of the CC license can stay...?)

Obviously submitting it doesn't mean it will be in...but the team might like to see it :) - Jul 25 2006

Wallpapers Ubuntu by huwshimi 14 comments

Tha's really great - I like the clarity

Did you use Inkscape or Gimp or something else? Could youn post the original file please?

What is the Ubuntu-Studo project? - Jul 25 2006
Dapper Human Folder Ideas

Various Gnome Stuff by who 8 comments

However, Jimmac is also very strongly promoting the use of _pixmap_ icons for low resolutions rather than just scaling the big icons.

He is right - it really does look a lot better - May 10 2006
No Evil

GDM Themes by 0versight 2 comments

Well, take your pick!
The tuxes are actually by a guy who goes by the name 'Klowner' (not me!) and I too, think they are really cool... - Jul 12 2005
shade on unfocused (suggestion)

Various Gnome Stuff by noamsml 4 comments

Really nice idea, but I think the panel ought to stay at normal brightness, because otherwise users will feel like the ability to switch between windows using the taskbar is 'disabled'.

I don't use the 'spatial' Nautilus, but does this have some implications for it - could windows lower down the folder heirachy be darker than those higher up - or would that just be confusing? - Jun 21 2005
Pastel Plant

Wallpaper Other by blackbird 2 comments

I like it, could you do any versions with slightlyh more colour? - Jun 12 2005

Wallpaper Other by Owaz 2 comments

Nice, how did you make it?
I like it, but it is a bit busy for me, if there was a versioin without the text I think it would be really nice

I think it looks cooler with the colours inverted(nice light blues) - I like tranquility on my desktop :) - Jun 12 2005
Here to Konquer

Wallpaper Other by who 3 comments

Honestly...cos I only made it an 'army' at the last minute, and I was doing it as a way to avoid doing my coursework, and making a reflection of all the tuxes seemed to be taking procrastination too far ;-)

I'll do it...eventually - Dec 11 2004
Brushed Metal style background proposal

Various Stuff by gg3po 9 comments

I was thinking that if you are trying to make some way to set this brushed metal image as a window bg it would be really nice to have some dialog to choose any suitibly sized image to use - for example to give the same stipled/lines effect that you see in some mac and GTK apps, or even (?perhaps!?) a semi transparent png?

Have I understood correctly what is going on here - the image will be the window background? - Jun 02 2004 KDE

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by arcisz 17 comments

I'm working on some icons for OOo myself, but I can't seem to get the birds looking 'authentic'
Did you create the birds from scratch, or is there some spec somewhere?
I am using paths in the gimp at the moemnt - they're close but not quite right.

Any advice much appreciated - May 31 2004
AKDC Beta3 preview 2(see changelog)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by jrch2k 357 comments

Wow, this looks brilliant - and SO complete - no mucking around trying to get window decorations to match icons to match desktop to match colours to match decorations to match icons...etc.
I didn't know windows could look that good - is it only for Nvidia users?
Can't wait. - May 05 2004
Ukrainian pond

Wallpaper Other by mazay 2 comments

I like the reflection in the clouds, but I think perhaps by playing around with some of the simple tools (curves, levels, contrast, hue/saturation/luminance) you could have brightened the image and made the colours more peacefull.
A preview would have been nice too.
Keep working at it. - May 05 2004
Xandros Crystal

Wallpaper Other by xsos 4 comments

This is a really nice clean piece - more busy than I would make, but really professional.
I don't think the preview image does it justice - maybe a higher resolution+quality would be better.
Now lets have some more! - May 04 2004
More Circles

Wallpaper Other by who 7 comments

I posted it here:
I don't know whether there is a better way...? - May 02 2004
More Circles

Wallpaper Other by who 7 comments

I don't think so...I have never posted anything to - and I only made this last week. It's probably a very similar image - its a pretty common idea - this one is original to me and only on kdelook at the moment. - May 02 2004
Crystal Smoke

Wallpaper Other by marcm2003 2 comments

I like, but personally I prefer less active/busy background images - imho this would be be even better than it is if it was slightly simpler. - Mar 07 2004