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Sep 11 2006
> Well, what do you espect when a progress bar is at 0?

I've seen two variations how this might look. One is like the blinking you see in Knight Rider ;) A width limited bar moves a bit from left to right and back everytime the bar is updated.
The other example is from Plastik2. The bar has full length, but every time and update is done, something like an animation starts. I don't know how this is implemented. But it seems a regular image pattern is shifted to the right, giving the impression of animation.
From my point of view I prefer the second implementation.

But this is no proposal, how you should implement it in your style. These are just suggestions :) - Feb 16 2005
I really like this style. But there are some things I'm missing. The first is highlightning of buttons as soon as the cursors enters the widget.
The second is more a bug. The progressbar works when you use QProgressBar with percentage values. But when the progressbar is in 'busy' mode (step value is 0), nothing appears.

Kepp up the good work :) - Feb 16 2005
by widod
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Mar 14 2006
See the top of the description. Sourceforge seems to have problems with its mirrors. For now you can get the tarball form my university homepage: - Jan 18 2005
Yes, Luma supports SASL authentification and encryption. You just have to select SASL/GSSAPI in your server settings in order to connect to your 'kerberosized' ldap server.
But beware that your installation of python-ldap has to be built with SASL support.

What do you mean with properties? If you mean attributes and their values, this is defined by by the ACL settings of your server. Luma (and possibly no other LDAP tool) doesn't know these settings. There might be cases where an attribute is read-only, but only trying to write a new value will result in an error.
But perhaps this is not what you mean. Just try it out and see for yourself :) - Dec 13 2004
Yes, Luma is a LDAP client. You can browse entries, do searche queries etc. Just like GQ. But there are way more features/plugins.
Connecting to the server can be done anonymously or authenticated. Just try it yourself. - Sep 16 2004
I think you don't have Python 2.3 installed. Please have a look at to see which dependecies have to be met, in order to run Luma.
If you have further troubles, please use the mailing-lists: - May 20 2004
Currently I'm writing a plugin for creating/managing single users. But since I don't know much about samba users, I can't implement this. Maybe someone can help me with that.
But support for creating samba passwords is already included in the admin-utilities-plugin. - Jan 02 2004