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S. Mumford , United States of America

Audio Extractors/Converters by HessiJames 608 comments

Thanks...this pointed me towards what the problem was: I hadn't properly imported the debian-multimedia key (!!). All is well.

Now your prog is even AWESOME-ER! - Oct 25 2008

Audio Extractors/Converters by HessiJames 608 comments

Just installed v0.3.8, but it can't "find" the 'lame' ("libmp3lame"), faac, faad, etc, programs that my system has installed in /usr/lib (which I added to the "Directories to be scanned").

Any ideas?

Thanks for a great program! - Oct 25 2008
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

Love this proggie--but wonder if it can be started minimized? It always opens a window at boot... - Dec 09 2007

Cursors by dunkelstern 16 comments

I LOVE this cursor theme, but I've noticed that the Blue version almost NEVER works properly for me (the cursors are very plain) and the Light version ALWAYS works.

I've tried this theme on various distro's, too..but always the same result... - Jul 10 2007
full system monitor dual core

Karamba & Superkaramba by yakko 13 comments

I'm running an AMD64x2 on Kubuntu (Edgy) and the "Configure Theme" menu item is greyed out...


It's a very cool, theme, though! - Oct 31 2006