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Christian Quast , Germany
login-scan 'splash'

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by rokkford 36 comments

Are there two versions of the splash theme that are loaded either if xinerama is enabled or if it is disapled?

I ask because I see two different versions. If xinerama is enabled I see: 'validating: #username#'
and if it is disabled I see: 'validating:#username#'

Oh and there's one more difference. If xinerame is enable the images 'faded in' are not transparent. Instead they have a black background (which is the background colour of kdm btw). If xinerama is disabled, then the background is transparent.

What I have described above is only true for my desktop running the 'fglrx' driver. On my laptop (i810) it does not matter if xinerama is enabled or not. It's always: 'valditating: #username#' and the images are transparent, too.

I use the same linux distros on both system, same versions of kde, moodin, login-scan-[splash|fusion]

Chriss - Jan 21 2006