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Carl Luescher

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Aug 23 2007
Ooops, spoke to soon. wpa_supplicant handles hidden ssid's very well. Now to figure out getting visual of Kwlan as normal user, sudo not working either unless I'm doing something wrong in the instance. Thanks - Jul 16 2006
Same problem here. Works with root only. However until it is possible to bypass iwlist for scanning and connect to hidden AP's I will continue my search for a wireless connection manager. KNetworkManager allows this. - Jul 15 2006

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by maldn
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Apr 21 2005
Did that. No errors, but once the wizard loads, enter name, hit Next the "Finish" button is grayed out. Clicking "Cancel" I get error that video device device can't be found and the crash. See text from console:
konference: KonferenceGrabber::stopGrabbing()
QImage::scanLine: Index 0 out of range
KCrash: crashing... crashRecursionCounter = 2
KCrash: Application Name = konference path = pid = 18652

Thanks - Sep 05 2004
OK. I've upgraded openh323 and pwlib as recommended. Now I am getting the following error: konferenceview_base.cpp:18:77: /home/maldn/projekte/konference/src/konference_part/videowidget.h: No such file or directory

Thanks - Sep 04 2004
I am getting stuck with this error:
connection.cpp: In member function `virtual BOOL KonferenceConnection::OnStartLogicalChannel(H323Channel&)':
connection.cpp:86: error: syntax error before `)' token
connection.cpp:86: error: `PIsDescendant' undeclared (first use this function)

Using KDE 3.3, openh323-1.13.4-8, pwlib-1.6.5-8, SuSE 9.1

Please advise. Thanks - Sep 04 2004
Thank you! This worked! Now I've a compile issue. This is the last before the errors:

In file included from /usr/include/pwlib/ptlib/contain.h:222,
from /usr/include/pwlib/ptlib.h:139,
from configvideodlg.cpp:27:
/usr/include/pwlib/ptlib/object.h:585: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `
BOOL' with no type

Followed by many many lines of errors.

Thanks again for your help. - Mar 09 2004
I downloaded, read the INSTALL file, come to realize the configure shell script is missing. I thought to run autoconf against and get this error:

" error: m4_defn: undefined macro: _m4_divert_diversion
/usr/src/packages/BUILD/autoconf-2.57/lib/autoconf/c.m4:971: AC_C_BIGENDIAN is expanded from... the top level
autom4te: /usr/bin/m4 failed with exit status: 1"

Please advise what I'm missing here.

Thanks - Mar 07 2004

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Jul 26 2005
I had to go to, download and install the mlnet binary. Once that is running and your firewall ports are open, you can run kmldonkey.

Hope this helps. - May 25 2004
Active Heart

KDE 3.5 Themes 105 comments

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Apr 28 2004
First, I wish to commend you on the excellent work here! Keep up the great work! Second, I am curious of what font you are using in the previews for the Title Bar. Thanks. - May 03 2004