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wacom tablet

System Software by Etric 267 comments

The keymap for the buttons is broken in Natty's 2.6.38 kernel. It changed from the previous map so that physical button 1 now maps to XButton 3, 2 to 8, 3 to 9, and 4 to 1 ( Only physical button 4 will work, and really it is switched to position 1!

I tried to patch the code in padbuttonwidget.cpp, and it seems to work. Because there doesn't seem to be any way to check the kernel version within the QT libraries, it uses a call to uname through fopen() from stdio.h. It only changes the keymap if "uname -r" returns a kernel version of at least 2.6.38 AND the tablet connected is a Bamboo P&T, but it shouldn't matter because the keymap changes supposedly affect only Bamboo P&Ts. If anyone wants the patch, it can be found on pastebin. (

It's a rather crude and kludgy hack since this was my first introduction to programming with QT and patching with Git, so don't be surprised if it happens to introduce other bugs. I tested it only on my system but verified the kernel version checking works because it will not switch the keymap if I change the kernel threshold to 2.6.39, for example. But if there's some better way to do the same thing, please share. (Especially if there's some way to detect the X Button keymap!) - Jun 15 2011
wacom tablet

System Software by Etric 267 comments

Just my luck, it actually IS model-specific. Thanks, you just saved me an afternoon of hair-pulling. :)

If you did not come up with it yourself, could you link to where you found that workaround? I can't find any mention of this. - Jun 14 2011
wacom tablet

System Software by Etric 267 comments

(The message system won't let me reply to your comment. I guess it stops nesting, so I hope you can still see this one.)

Yes, it was the default one in the repositories. (1:0.10.11-0ubuntu4)

On a completely unrelated note, tapping my pen is not making it reliably register a click. At startup, it'll click a few times but as time passes, it starts only highlighting or only records movement. (Also using Bamboo P&T, but seems to be a new K revision)
This probably is not a problem with your tool but rather with the driver itself. I'll play around with older and stable releases and see if I get the same behavior with those. That ppa was the first thing I found, and I just might have broken everyone's tablet by accident.

Thanks for all your work in making such a great tool! It's magnitudes better than the old wacomcpl. - Jun 14 2011
wacom tablet

System Software by Etric 267 comments

I just got my tablet today and had this problem. I also compiled 1.3.2 from source. Opening the configuration panel will crash the X server.

Installing the latest wacom driver fixed the problem for me. If you don't feel like compiling it from source, someone else has nicely packaged it into a ppa. Add (ppa:irie/wacom) to your software repositories through synaptic or apt-add-repository and update to the 0.11.99 version from git.

Hope this helps!

(Etric, you may want to put a note about this on the top of the description. Xorg crashing is rather serious for a settings module.) - Jun 14 2011
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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9   Jun 16 2011
wacom tablet

System Software
by Etric

9   Jun 14 2011