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Over all, good, BUT...

About 4 years ago, I started something similar, but in a different angle
I really do not want to truly limit my child from the computer any more than I want to kill their tv (I have little issues with my child watching history or discover). What is wanted to do was cut out what they could get to. Basically, with the computer tied to school, they need the ability to get apps/services like Koffice/OO while at the same time restricting games, or videos. Likewise, I was headed in direction of restricting internet access, though ideally, it would have limits on access, but that one was complicated involved making changes through the entire code base; Now, with policykit, it might be possible (restrictions from internet; but when older; only allowed to go to certain sites, namely school; no im, etc, etc, etc).

Also, I was taking a profile approach to this via the kuser. That would allow an series of profiles to be downloaded based on the distro (apps vary). Far easier to do that than manage it for several kids. - May 16 2009

Network by santiagom 8 comments

back around 2000, two of us developed KIO's for snmps. Sadly, we both let it drop. Consider the idea of re-doing the kio for this. Here is my kde 2.0 version (

The nice advantage of this, is the re-usablility of the code. The KIO is a mostly good approach to accessing SNMP. - Sep 15 2006
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