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Dynamic Bar - Smooth Zoom

Karamba & Superkaramba 102 comments

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Apr 29 2003
it seems opening kmenu without dcop has to be coded, and i'm unable to write kde progs :(

anyone there able to make a small "show desktop" prog or a "show kmenu" one? - May 18 2003
Sorry, I couldnt check KDE-Look for some time, now I'll try to work on the things proposed. - May 10 2003
the command (popup menu) is executed before the flashes even start, so they dont delay the menu pop-up. - Apr 29 2003
ok, I coded it now, it's really fast! Great idea, thanks!!! - Apr 28 2003
I tried to find out how to make a QWidget with the taskbar / systrai info in PyKDE, but I dont know KDE programming, and adapting sourcecode did not work :( - Apr 28 2003
I dont have any idea how this could be done, and if yes, this should be a task of superkaramba I think, so post your thoughts there :) - Apr 28 2003
hmm please explain how to tweak the import of the libraries needed, this is a nice idea :)

and i'll check on the sort() thing, thats no problem - Apr 28 2003
you could try the new 1.17j version, it's a bit faster than before :) - Apr 27 2003
DynBar was, in fact, inspired by this theme. And the reason i made a new theme instead of modifying it was i didnt like the background :D

but its easy to change the graphics, so make a new background, I'll add it to the package if you like :) - Apr 26 2003
i'm happy to get some positive feedback on this, because i fear i "overload" dynbar with stuff like this - Apr 26 2003
I added a popup xmms-control which pops up when you move the mouse over the right end of the bar. Since you cant connect sensors to images and texts, it may only play, pause, stop, rwd and fwd.

If anyone is interested, I may upload it anyway. - Apr 26 2003
anyway, quite inspiring misunderstanding :)

I don't know how to make KDE show this :( - Apr 26 2003
That's great, I uploaded the new version.
Thanks for your suggestion :) - Apr 26 2003
goof idea, i'll see what can be done :) - Apr 26 2003
This directory doesnt exist on my system, sorry - Apr 26 2003
I actually added up to 11 buttons to my bar, and it still fast zooming (AMD 1.800XP), so maybe it's because of your system speed.
If you like, you can remove the "smooth" zoom.
I'll upload a new version which allows disabling it by setting a var in the config. - Apr 26 2003
i'll check on that 9th icon prob, but there's no way to have a show desktop button directly, it would be great if anyone could code this small piece of software (just call the KDE function to show desktop) - Apr 26 2003
thats, in fact, very strange.

I'll upload a new version including a clock soon, make sure you test this one! - Apr 25 2003
may your system be too slow for it?

if you remove the clock from the theme, but leave spaceL = 160, is it still slow?
Is the changed space the reason or the clock? - Apr 25 2003
I changed my theme here to test it, and it runs smoothly!

I did the following:
1) Change the spaceL in the script
2) change " KARAMBA ......... INTERVAL=500" in theme (on top)
3) Add clock to the theme file

Now, Icons zoom smoothly, and cpu load isnt higher than before

I could possibly upload my solution if you want to check it - Apr 25 2003
btw: try the newly uploaded one, the background is new - Apr 25 2003
Hmm I changed color to black, and i cant see gaps!
Try to make your own pics, they're really easy to change (a circle and a rect, basically :) ) - Apr 25 2003
I forgot to update the readme, superkaramba 1.17_H_ is needed to run the script, sorry - Apr 25 2003
sorry, but i think I don't know why :(
Maybe someone with a greater python knowledge? - Apr 25 2003
I tested it some days ago, and it worked quite fine, although the graphics resized by karamba dont look good ( thats the reason its not in here :) )

Did you change all
images[] to icons[] and
imagesBig[] to iconsBig[] ?

And you have to remove the init= and reset= stuff - Apr 25 2003
I'm currently working on this, although I dont see gaps :) - Apr 25 2003
it seems the time library you use is different. which version of python do you use? - Apr 24 2003
right now, they are order by creation time i suppose.
if you add one icon, it is always appended to the bar. - Apr 24 2003
I suggest you replace the whole part which detects the resolution with two simple variables:
resX = Monitor #1 resX
resY = Monitor #1 resY

I hope this helps! - Apr 24 2003
I'm working heavily on a new release, I'll see what can be done :) - Apr 24 2003
DynBar uses it :o) - Apr 23 2003
For those who want to place their own tools next to the icons (right/left end), I added to variables to the script. but as long as it seems like superkaramba only supports linear resize, this is not usable because the background image can't be resized dynamically.
Until then, the on-the-fly update of changed directory contents doesn't work correctly :( - Apr 23 2003
New Version -> Konqueror opens at the location of your links when middle-clicking the bar - Apr 23 2003
Modified DynBar

Karamba & Superkaramba 36 comments

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May 27 2003
Very nice! I'm sorry I don't have my PC at the moment to continue developing DynBar, but I hope to get it back soon. :) - May 18 2003
just a screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

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Apr 30 2003
Very nice and clean desktop, I really like it :) - Apr 30 2003
karamba with Easy RSS

Karamba & Superkaramba 12 comments

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Apr 30 2003
Hmm, generally, this is a cool thing, and I thank you for it. But after Karamba, SuperKaramba this is now the third version of the proggy. isn't it possible to have just one version? Is it possible to patch the existing SuperKaramba?? - Apr 30 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba 326 comments

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Nov 16 2004
Is it possible to add sub-categories for theme developers to your website at sourceforge?
It would be nice if everything is put together at a single point, and it would make developing and maintaining easier. - Apr 27 2003
cant you append an optional argument,
createImage(xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx, Order)
taking to values: Front(default), Back
and then render images this order:
back, images from theme, front? - Apr 25 2003
Is it somehow possible to render images from the script before images from the theme?
Because if I add images to a bar via theme file, the images from the script are displayed over them.
I need to make the bar background display first, the the images from theme, then the icons from script. impossible? - Apr 25 2003
i think the python script reload is still not implemented. stay tuned ;) - Apr 25 2003
Can't you simply upload it here? It's the best way to get feedback :) - Apr 24 2003
Big thanks again :) - Apr 23 2003
RoundBar for SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 57 comments

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May 11 2003
that was my first idea, too, but who wants to first edi one file, then edit another if everything can be configure in one single file? Once the script file is opened, everything may be configured there. :) - Apr 26 2003
I tried this with my bar, too, but it seems python doesnt know the path the theme is in, so making seperated conf files doesnt work when launching karamba from outside the theme directory. - Apr 26 2003
hehehe i think i know this from somewhere ;)

nice work! - Apr 25 2003
XMMS Bar for SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 20 comments

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Apr 25 2003
Stop, im a bit confused now!
The script doesnt report it to be missing in the module anymore, but I still dont see a tooltip (i focused the window) - Apr 25 2003
no, this never worked for me, it says its not defined in the module.
the same with createPopupItem() (noticed in help(karamba)) - Apr 25 2003
haha no i'm not stupid :)

It's somehow still missing :) - Apr 25 2003
damn i'm stupid :D
always used addImageTooltip :D:D - Apr 25 2003
Great theme. Maybe I can use the Text functions until tooltips are supported :) - Apr 25 2003